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I accept IOUs on a case-by-case basis. | Looking for specific 2nd gen prizefails; see my profile for more info. | Not taking Snowman-requests atm.

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    Welcome to my profile! :)

    My name is Melissa, but you can call me Mel. I live on the west coast of Norway with my boyfriend and our baby daughter. I have a slight obsession with donkeys, owls and dragons, and a huge love for music.

    Unfortunately, I've been cursed with the memory of a goldfish. I try my best to reply to every PM I receive, but sometimes life gets in the way and I forget. Please know I'm not ignoring you on purpose. If you suspect I've forgotten you, feel free to PM me again - I promise I won't bite.

    I don't do lists for my shimmers or tinsels. I enjoy being able to trade the eggs as I get them, or being able to offer someone an IOU of the next offspring. I also accept IOUs occasionally, as long as your list (if you have one) is empty/short.


    Looking for the following prizefails:

    - 2G autumn from male gold shimmer
    - 2G blusang from male gold tinsel
    - 2G mistletoe from male silver shimmer
    - 2G terrae from female silver shimmer
    - 2G avatar from male silver tinsel
    - 2G blusang from female silver tinsel
    - 2G nebula from male bronze shimmer x red nebula
    - 2G tan ridgewing from female bronze tinsel
    - 2G anagallis from male bronze tinsel

    Willing to trade nice things for these! :)


    Supreme Snowman's common-list is currently closed. Unless you are offering one of the following;

    - 2G prizefail from the list above
    - 2G prize
    - 2G common/holiday from spriter's alt
    - 2G common/holiday from CB alt or CB hybrid


    The adorable fire-sneezing dronkey in my sig is made by Roon. <3