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  1. Another Baikala zombie (hatchling)! https://dragcave.net/lineage/aLJch Is there something wrong with the spreadsheet? It's showing completely blank to me. If not, can someone please add it to the spreadsheet? - Thanks!
  2. I would like to enter! Thanks for doing this!
  3. Another possible glitch? I can't get out of my house. I was playing fine ealier but accidently hit reset. Now I can't get out of the house at all. When I go through the front door, the screen loads but then just goes black. I've tried resetting again multiple times, shutting down the computer. Nothing helps. Help? Anyone? I'm using firefox on mac. P.S. Also tried on chrome. Same problem.
  4. Updating my attempts since those listed above: 24 attempts (mostly hatchlings that were fogged and ran out of time, but a few killed adults as well): 19 dead 3 revivals 2 zombies New zombies: Female wyvern hatchling Male eastern hatchling (I'll add them to the spreadsheet now as well). Total stats: 42 attempts (34 dead, 3 revivals, 5 zombies) 5/42=12% zombification rate NOTE: all attempts when zombies visible
  5. I've made 18 attempts so far (all when zombies were visible) 15 gendered hatchlings that ran out of time : 12 disintegrated, 3 successful zombies linked below 2 killed adults: 2 disintegrated 1 killed ungendered hatchling: 1 disintegrated So total success rate is 3/18 = ~17% success when zombies are visible I won't link all the failures, but you can see them on my scroll if you want. Successful zombies: Wingless female hatchling Wingless male hatchling Seaserpent female hatchling