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  1. Hmm.. Means I only miss the Holly's lol! Wow, didn't think I'd be here this long Happy Holidays all!!(eventhough a tad late )
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the reply Ruby
  3. Don't mind me asking, but on what page do they drop? AP? Or in all the 6 caves? Or where?
  4. Finding that basement is a pain in the buns lol! Interesting event. Chapeau guys 'n girls!
  5. Cool! My real name is a White Striped lady with 2 kids My day-to-day name is also a White Striped lady 4 kids lol! My forum name is a Black Dragon. DUSK lineage even! Oh boy No kids though, and Dusk has been forgotten in the naming process :'(
  6. I bred my dragons and now they are missing?! Wish we could have 1 egg of each to freeze as hatchies :'( Btw, if I post my scroll on the hatching-sites they still show up as being on my scroll....
  7. It connects to the server so you can play it everywhere in any country. I am in the Netherlands but I've been playing with people all over the world. That's what I like, you don't have to pick a server anymore. Downside though, is that you can't go to a chat channel like on SC classic and BroodWar. Finished the WoL campaigns and am now walking the path of the normal difficulty. Can earn new points that way Can't wait for the Protoss campaigns to come
  8. You must have superpowers to be able to lick the tab
  9. Enlighten me please: What on earth is Festival of Eggs? I've seen the term come by several times but I have no clue to what it is lol. @ TJ: Thank you for your effort and the lil trophy
  10. Dark_Goddess

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Has there been added some time to the eggs / hatchies? I have a geode that should be down a lot more then it is now in time...
  11. What was the new-now-gone-news? Anyone remember (part of) it? Haven't been home / on a couple of days due to family things and now that I can get on, the new news is missing lol I've been reading about MM (Mod Mayhem) throughout the thread, but.. any idea what it is? Sheesh.. you don't get on a few days and the news has made itself invisable To TJ: Good thing you caught that nasty bugging bug!! You have my vote for Bug-killer of the Year! ETA: Summoned egg? What on earth is that?
  12. Added myself as well (as experiment and due to this damn thing called curiousity ). For so far I have only 1 remark: Dead eggs. Might be an idea to add a feature or something that makes it so that dead eggs don't show (dead eggs don't need clicks / views ). Edit goes here: Adults showing. Don't require views either ^^ That's the only thing I found so far, if I find more I will post them up ^^. For the rest: Looks nice, working under the motto KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) which I very much like. Nice work! Greets: D_G Edit no2: Might be usefull to have a viewcounter which shows how amny people are watching / running it.