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  1. Well, if I produced 7k a day this year, I can make it. The problem is none of my ideas are rolling fast-enough to do that. Sometimes I have really good concepts, other times I don't. Congrats to all those who have already reached 50k!
  2. Congrats, Marie. Your about... 45,000 words ahead of me, lol.
  3. Just started today. But, last time I completed it in only nine days, as well. Currently at about 1,300 words.
  4. @Nix Half-way is darn good, that's more than what many can do @Sapphire Yeah, getting sick pretty-much did cause me to lose last time. They're some things that just can't be predicted.
  5. Agreed! Like since I know I can write that much, in such a short time, I writing other things seems easier.
  6. Congrats, Soup! And Aquamarine! And everyone I haven't mentioned! I won! Can't believe I managed it! And was expecting to at least be struggling to finish within the final hour. Plus, the novel is also finished. Though I may make a sequal, prequal, and who knows what else.
  7. I had to get over 7k in today, and only have a little more than 3k left at 11:27 AM. I'll be able to finish! What a ride these last eight days have been.
  8. @Coco Your actually doing the recomended quota. That's more than what I can say.
  9. 7k today and tomorrow to win. Think I can do it.
  10. Congrats, PrairieCrow! And great job, Zovesta! @Kestra17 Seeing as you have four jobs, it's amazing you got 9k in. Last year I was so busy with college, that I didn't even think of participating.
  11. @KageSora: For dead people to cummunicate, it could happen any number of way. 1: Space & Time may be different when dead, thus you may be able to talk to someone a million miles away as though they are in the room. One philosophical short-story I read once involved that. 2: They could have visions. See something strange, from another land, wonder what it means, I don't know. 3: They could pretty-much teleport, or find certain areas of the world that could work as short-cuts somewhere else. {Shrug} Just thinking outloud. It's only 9:22 PM, and I've over-exceeded my quata with almost 32
  12. @KageSora I think we know the same people in regards to card games, lol. @Soup Glad someone took that dare! I'm at about 27k now, that's two for todays quata, but I'll probably have to fill in extra, since I've got a lot of college work due before December.
  13. That sounds like a great way for me to put in the extra five thousand I'll need to finish! Awesome idea, says I!
  14. Over 12k, still gotta make a 2 1/2 k tonight to meet quota. Good job, everyone!
  15. @Soup Dares look like fun. I might sometime, for all I know. @Russian 10k in one day? Your a rockstar!
  16. @Zivia That character should learn some respect, your the one who made her.
  17. Lol, sometimes just writing it our helps. Even faking a conversation can help.
  18. FutureVampie, sometimes no plot can be awesome. All depends. At 4k, I'm not far from my quota for the day.^^ EDIT: Make that 5k, quota met. Succesful first day.
  19. You guys should beware of getting sick. It's what did me in during 2008. All it takes is that little fal behind... anyway, I've got 3k over a few hours of writing. I don't know what's crazier: the fact that I've joined so very late, or that I'm starting to believe I can still make it, since right now it seems I could put 5k in a day. Good luck, everyone else!
  20. I really just started this morning. Got it up to 1 1/2 k in a few hours. However, with school work, I'm not sure if I'll get it done it time. I'm just an insane, master procrastinator. @KegaSora If I knew where your story's at, right now, I might have some ideas. I've had my own various ideas, both comical and serious, for ghosts/death/etc.
  21. Boy, this threads gotten huge. Yeah, I saw that in your Novel Info, great beginning. @98Hime, great to know I'm not the only one! I'm trying to make myself try another idea out tonight. Hopefully, it'll work.
  22. Kage, I know how bad computer problems are when you really need it. If you have a flash drive or something, that could help in being able to write anywhere. And, as to plot holes, I'd say worry about those in December, or maybe it'll just tie-itself up eventually (my writing has a way of tying its own knots).
  23. I'm still debating which idea I want to do. Yeah, I know it's getting late, but last time I entered with only ten days left, and would have won if I hadn't gotten sick and become very tired bcause of it.
  24. Lol, I searched for a Nano thread, and couldn't find one, so I made one. Two seconds later, I see 'NanoWriMo' and realize I posted not only a duplicate, but in the wrong section. Here's my account if anyone would like to friend me. http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/404124