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  1. Where was the gold dragon? I never saw it.
  2. Anyone know how many treats there were to collect in past years?
  3. Were there any smaller puzzles that could be solved? e.g. did the goats mean anything? Could you stop the brother who ate too much mana from zipping around?
  4. Ah thanks! I thought that you couldn't unlock them until you'd caught one.
  5. I don't have any Staterae (Xenowyrm) eggs. Will I not be able to buy them from the market until I've caught a caveborn one?
  6. Lots of people have helped me out, so these three are free to whomever needs them. Cheese Egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/bf4f011541446fd323c9f536dbcc1921 Cheese Egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/a6cccf0d1eb533814b77c97a9d931e86 Blue Pargulus Egg from Coast https://dragcave.net/teleport/9e49f0c08a29ac261e0e006ca2f39892
  7. Damn, thought the colour of the mate influenced it. Thanks.
  8. How did I get a blue dragon from breeding two red dragons? https://dragcave.net/lineage/cj6Gg Wanted to get a second red Pargulus Pygmy as I cannot seem to catch one.
  9. Have: Blue Alpine Pargulus Pygmy egg. Want: Any other colour (I can only seem to catch blue XD). PM me please as egg is still on cooldown.
  10. Embarrassing question, but do they colour differently if they're from different biomes? I've only managed to catch blues.
  11. Charity322

    Easter Eggs

    Does anyone know what the easter eggs in the new backgrounds are supposed to be?
  12. Thanks! The coast is my favourite. I don't like the big green crystals in the alpine; they spoil the background. The forest kind of looks like the trees all have a blue sickness. That dragon in the volcano looks badass; it's a pity that you'll never see him. I can't find any Easter Eggs either. Did the background for the personal dragon page change?
  13. Ah, I always assumed that if the new ones didn't drop in a particular biome then it was business as usual. I have learned something.
  14. Random question I suddenly wondered about. If the new eggs are dropping in the coast, desert and jungle, then why are all the eggs gone in the other biomes?
  15. I missed some of the eggs too. 62 was just too many without gluing myself to the screen. Damn. We're not exactly paying him for services. He's never fixed any of the other event stuff that people complained about and yet we're still here lol.
  16. Event never showed up for me.
  17. Ah, I ignore those so the first ones I see are my own.
  18. Mine only just hatched and I got them on Valentine's Day. How are yours almost adults already?
  19. Just got hatchlings. My OCD. It hurts. Begone, spelling error.
  20. Yay, mine is all fixed. Thanks!
  21. My wreath disappeared too and all of my chess pieces sunk into the floor.
  22. Noooo. I'd just stopped adding stuff to my fort.