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  1. I make a few dollars above minimum and I still can't afford to live on my own.
  2. I honestly feel sick right now. everyone who voted for Trump.
  3. Washington is coming up blue for me but they're close... It's over though. It's all over.
  4. I remember the 2012 election being terrifying too but... Obama won Ohio and Florida. Clinton already lost Ohio and Florida is leaning Trump. It's still too early but... things aren't looking too good.
  5. There are still a LOT of people who support him. Driving around today I saw a ton of Trump signs around and a lot of customers at work come in wearing his hats or have his bumper stickers. And I live in a blue state.
  6. I am super scared about tonight. I don't think I've ever been more nervous about an election. I'm still having a hard time grasping that Trump is even a real candidate let alone that he has a very real chance of being declared the next president tonight. I might not be a fan of Clinton but anything is better than the racist, homophobic piece of trash that should have been laughed out months ago.
  7. I love this idea so long as rare eggs are very expensive and still hard to get. I also think CB holidays should only be available when that holiday's breeding is going on. I mean, how can traders get eggs to trade if the dragons aren't making any? I think we should probably make a working list to figure out what breeds should be in the canyon. Obviously golds, silvers, prizes, and holidays but what about coppers or trios? Or maybe unbreedables like papers and cheeses? Might be a good idea to add BSA dragons too but for a much lower price than the rares.
  8. I don't really support cause it's easy enough to just write a description saying that two dragons are gay and adopted a baby. I really don't like the idea of erasing abandoned egg's lineages and replacing them with the adopted dragons. If it were added, I'd want it to work like the "bitten by" vamps have.
  9. I hope this means we're getting a cute fluffy purple Halloween dragon.
  10. I don't really like the idea of year round breeding for holidays. Mostly because I use holidays to ensure I get an egg from the other breed. Kind of like using a ditto in pokemon. Maybe you had a very low chance of getting the holiday.
  11. This is probably the best solution I think. I'm really not a fan of overlapping descriptions at all. Four dragons sharing the same description is just too many.
  12. Oh look new eggs! Wait a minute, these pink eggs look familar... *checks news forum* OLD PINKS ARE BACK!!!!!! I've wanted an old pink since I joined! This is the best day ever.
  13. A purebred gen 100 pygmy. I know it's pretty much impossible but I'm still working for it.
  14. I think the limit should be up by one maybe two but no limit is kind of over kill.
  15. Snakes are cuties. I have a ball python and she's the cutest thing in the universe.
  16. I've been a vegetarian pretty much my whole life. I just don't like meat. It makes me gag. I have no interest in eating it. I also love animals and I'm just not interested in eating something that one had to die for. I've got no problem with people who eat meat though. I don't really care what other people eat.
  17. I really want a pygmy holiday. I have such a good idea for one but I'm too lazy.
  18. I would like something like this. I have a lot of dragons with messy lineages that I don't want to breed but also don't want to get rid of. Whether it's permanent or temporary doesn't matter to me. I just want a way to remove them from the breeding list.
  19. @gad786 Guys with long hair are awesome. Your long hair looks awesome. Ignore your uncle. There's nothing feminine about long hair. Hair length has nothing to do with gender identity.
  20. No way. I'm not in favor of any breed limitations.
  21. They were the only thing I saw in the cave at the last drop.
  22. I'm so happy these are flooding. I love these blues. So pretty.
  23. The blue and silver ones are going to be impossible to catch.
  24. I'm all for Bernie Sanders. I honestly don't know a whole lot about the rest of the candidates but I agree with Sanders on pretty much every issue. I'll look into the other candidates if he loses the nomination.