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  1. OHMYGAWD that's way awesome o_o !!! Really beautiful adult. I'm really glad I was able to get two of these on my scroll <3 Thanks spriters for the amazing draggie and thanks TJ for organizing an epiclly awesome Valentine's Day !
  2. OMG <3 gorgeous adult sprite. Very flashy coloring ;D Oh, and the pose is cute :3 Nice job spriter(s)! Now, if only my eggies would hurry up and hatch ... EDIT: OoOoOoOoo, Winter Magi. I like the way that sounds. Although I think Christmas Magi would be more fitting, imo? Idk, regardless, I like both .
  3. OMG <3 so glad I got home in time to grab myself two of these. I'm glad the drops are lasting this long. The hatchies look gorgeous. I'm sure the adults will look just as amazing Thank you TJ and spriters <3!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh. My. God. This is awesome~!!!!!!! I love the dressed up dragons <3 This is probably gonna be the best Christmas EVER on DC ! Can't wait for the holiday release. Oh, and I still need to check out the story book *bounces up and down*. You have succeeded in helping me find the Christmas spirit I was missing up til now Thankyouthankyouthankyou <3 to all of you guys involved in setting this up for us :]
  5. !!!!!!!!!!! That was fun 40/40, although it took me a bit to find the chicken after I got 39 items. Thank you TJ and everyone else who worked on this <3 The little chicken is adorable
  6. VSWolf

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    This. Is. So. Crazy. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I don't even know what to look at first o________o!!! *runs off to explore* THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU TJ <3
  7. OMGGGG!!!! Sweet!!!! I'm so looking forward to this Thank you once again TJ
  8. Happy birthday DC <3 I hope our little community will last for years to come. And of course thank you TJ and spriters!!! I felt this release coming Can't wait to see the adults. Got me some eggs, locked now 4/5... <__< I NEED ONE MOAR!!! ONLY ONE D; !
  9. VSWolf

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    OMG <3 I had no clue the pillows had dimorphism! They are so adorable ;______;!!! The Swallowtails are some pretty looking things too. The transparent wings are neat stuff. Thanks again TJ and spriters ;D
  10. VSWolf

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    My eggies hatched! *prods TJ's hatchlings* Grow upppp~! I'm really curious as to what the two tailed/thin shell is <__<...
  11. VSWolf

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    YAYYYYYY managed to grab myself two of each new eggy AND bred myself a Black Stripe!!!~ Good luck to all of you other people still hunting! Watch out for those common eggs that sneak into the drops, btw *runs of to incubate and influence*
  12. VSWolf

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    OMG how did I not see this post earlier?!?!?!?!?!? New eggzzzzzz yayyyy <3 I knew a release would be coming soon! Thanks TJ and the spriters . The hatchies look pretty cute. Looking forward to catching some for myself.. although I'm locked D: *goes off to ponder which hatchling I should AP*
  13. ^This I WANTTTTTT and I will get one... eventually
  14. Nope :\ I don't make and usually don't take IOU's either. It's just such an unpredictable promise. You never know if you can trust the person or whether they'll answer when you message them.. or sometimes both people who make the IOU's forget.... or the people just cheat you :\.. To be honest I think around 60% of the IOU's made don't really happen because of the reasons mentioned above. It would just create unnecessary debt and it would make me feel guilty so I try to refrain.
  15. Omggggg!!!! The adult is beautiful ;____; ! Definitely didn't expect such purdeyness. I want mine to grow up naoooooo. Thankyouthankyouthankyou TJ and the spriters <3! I'm soooo glad I got the chance to grab a couple of these beauties
  16. Ohmygoodness ;_; the hatchlings are absolutely adorable!!!11! *cuddles* :3
  17. Yayyyy <3 got my two. And it wasn't even half as hard as I thought it would be <_____<. The eggs are very cute. Can't wait to see the hatchies :] Good luck to all of you that are still hunting EDIT: Just noticed that it's an other ribbon theme'd dragon just like we had for Christmas ;o! Interestingggg.
  18. Nuuuuu D: still isn't up! Like most people on here I nearly got a heart attack when I saw the error message But yeah. Pwnd. Hope the host hurries up D; I do not know how long I can survive without my virtual pixel addiction ;_______; !
  19. I've never used this BSA before to be honest.. D: too scared that I'd kill/lose my babies! I don't think I ever will either too risky.
  20. Custom sort . My current hatchies and eggs on top. Then rares and holidays. Then my other draggies in order of what breeds I like most.. and maybe the order is a little themed too (ex. water themed draggies together). They're arranged in groups of the same breed which are usually male1 female1 male2 female2 (1 and 1 are mates 2 and 2 are mates etc).
  21. I want one D: ... but I've kinda given up to be honest. I realized that my eyes couldn't really take it after the first 3 or 4 days. Ah well, maybe I still have a chance to get lucky without going blind <__< lol.
  22. At my old school when the buses were driving to school in the morning this one guy came up to the bus. He pulled out a gun and waved it around. Then he spit on the window of the bus and left LOL. Ah god, that's why I love Italy. I miss it so much. And then later on that year someone got run over by a moped in front of the school gates. Then... My English teacher always makes us do these REALLLLLLY embarrassing dances if we're late, don't follow directions, or forget our stuff in our locker. I was the first one to dance this year because I was late. Good god it was above and beyond humiliating. I was never late again. A sub once had his zipper open in class. This happened twice. It was really weird to say the least. Uhmm.. oh LMAO. In history class last year we were reading about the American Revolution. There was this one description about some stocky person that read, "he was a stout, booby looking man". Of course as you can imagine this caused an uproar of immaturity. I'd be lieing if I said I didn't giggle. So well, the teacher noticed. "... Go ahead giggle. Now I'll show you what a real booby looks like". She went on google and looked up the booby bird and put it up on the screen. "LOOK! THERE'S A BOOBY!" Then she put up a picture of two boobies. "Teeheehee, look now there's two boobies ". As immature as this was everyone, and I mean EVERYONE enjoyed it. To finish this off she said something along the lines of "My god, *exasperated laughter* I have never had something this immature happen".
  23. People tell me I don't act nor really look my age. They tell me I look older and act a lot more mature LOL. My friend spazzed out at me during lunch. She just turned around and started yelling "WHY ARE YOU SO MATURE? You're just sitting there drinking your coffee with your new red highlights and you're doing work D: !!!! You don't scream or yell and you're not hyperactive!!! You're parents let you do what you want andandand ;_;... YOU'RE SO MATURE, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! [ insert jealous look here ]". It was pretty funny LOL <__<. But really? I don't know nor do I care what people think about the way I act. I act the way I want and that's all there's to it.
  24. Nothing really :\ ... except cheap metals for my earrings. When I was younger I used to be allergic to butter and strawberries. Got rashes/bumps on my cheeks whenever I ate them. LOL one of my friends is allergic to parsley (and a zillion other things). To be honest I don't really believe her... She probably just doesn't like it. It's the most random thing to be allergic to. And wouldn't she technically be allergic to a lot of other plants too? An other one of my friends is allergic to apples. ;_; It's so sad because apples are her favorite fruits D:
  25. Well... Now I've started looking at the lineages of eggs that I pick up. If it happens to be inbred or extremely long lineaged (with no specific breeding pattern) I'd most likely kick it back unless it's a rare. I think I might go through my scroll sometime and pick out all the inbreds and stop breeding them.. or maybe even release them to keep my scroll neat? I'm not quite sure yet. I'm not a fan of inbreeding and I try to avoid it, but I don't have much against it either. It's pixels... pretty pixels .....