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  1. No. The fetus is still bar kayyama. It refers only to elective procedures. Where? Viability. Not at all. It's still possible at that point. Rare, but possible. Women went into isolation in the birthing tent between 22-24 weeks. That's what it's referring too. How many ways can I say it has nothing to do with self-awareness? That doesn't change anything. Independent brain activity at certain levels is important. No. Because he imposed his will on her body. He could have simply ceded all right
  2. I know I have. I'm correcting myself and saying my understanding was wrong. This is not a topic I just "accept" that I know all about, and when I get new information from authorities, I change my position. So yes, I have changed my position in the last year, because I went to several classes on this at an Orthodox women's yeshiva, which had many interesting speakers, who pointed out things I had never put together in my studies before. My apologies if I suddenly need to announce to you when my position has shifted somewhat. I'm not sure the point you are making.
  3. Multiple rabbis and scholars, as well as the fact that the Talmud also states that if so much as a limb is delivered, it is considered childbirth. See also "Biomedical Ethics and Jewish Law". Don't yell, and that's only half the quote. If she has already gone to the birthing tent/stool, then you are forced to wait. It has nothing to do with self-awareness. it has to do with brain activity. Not actually accurate, but inconsequential.
  4. It means the greater part of the pregnancy, according to Jewish law, ie: 22-24 weeks. And? You're not telling me anything I don't know. Neither of these change the fact that the nervous system, kicks into high gear after birth. Those that view it the same way think that it's better for two people to die, than for someone to murder someone else. One of my pro-life friends tends to relate it to break-ins. She could shoot a burglar to save her husband and herself, but to her, that would be wrong.
  5. Where are you getting the interpretation that it's the head? Because that's not what it means. Even that is what it meant, it wouldn't be "silly". "The activity in the nervous system of the fetus increases as much as sevenfold after delivery. It is only after delivery that the average cerebral cortex and limbic system activate beyond rudimentary levels. This can occur as rapidly as soon as ninety seconds after birth." Perinatal Brain Development and Developmental Disorders (2011, Dr. M. F. Beal)
  6. Which again makes no sense from a scriptural or logical point of view. Actually, there is. There's a big difference in nervous system activity. That's interesting. I know Judaism does not hold such a belief, which is why there are strict rules on treatment of animals.
  7. Then, to be fair, there are those who believe (however misled you may think they are) that sacrificing one life for the good of another is morally wrong. Now I don't agree, and I don't see how they come to this position and (most) still hold a belief in Jesus' sacrifice, but there are those who honestly believe it's wrong and that the mother and fetus's value is equal. I personally held this view until I had a long talk with several rabbis, because I had issues with the Tanakh explicitly giving instructions for a test that would result in abortion in some cases. Until I realised th
  8. Do you mind if a Jew talks to you? I have read the New Testament in Greek and Aramaic, and would like to talk to you about it, if you're willing. Can I ask what translation you use? Pssst: Those passages explicitly have to do with sex with male temple prostitutes and male-on-male anal sex, not actually homosexuality.
  9. And I disagree intensely.
  10. By saying that scripture was written by men who see women as chattel. Attack the interpretation not the words. Does that make sense?
  11. Let's not attack religion here. There are many different translations and such that it's impossible to actually judge the writer's intent based on a game of whisper down the lane.
  12. That's not true. The majority of people who have abortions feel relief, or as if a weight has been lifted, according to several long-term studies. I would also link you to: I'm Not Sorry Where you can read for yourself how people felt before and after getting an abortion and why they did it. I'm sorry, you're not G-d. You don't get to decide when something is human. G-d says it's not a human life, it's not a human life. Period. And what about the fetuses who don't become people? The fetuses who become parasitic masses or tumors? Many of those still have heartbeats,
  13. So if those cell become a tumor, is it a child? What about if it's a parasitic mass? So, you're saying you know better than G-d, yes? That doesn't mean it can absolutely become human. My wife was supposed to be a twin. Her twin sister became a parasitic mass that eventually killed her mother. Because according to G-d, it is not murder. As a scientist, no. And my wife wishes every day she had been aborted. You aren't. Because there's no guarantee you will be human at that point. Then why doe
  14. Is it a better solution for those parents who have been forced to watch their children die, be in incredible pain, go through organ failure, etc? Here's my point: if someone looks into the odds of contracting a disease: for example, Yellow Fever, which according to the CDC is almost nil unless we're attacked by terrorists or you're traveling to another country. And you look at the risk of major organ failure from the vaccine which is 1 person in every 250,000 doses, and half of those will die from it, is it so "insane?" I don't think so, and yet in some places people are running out
  15. He has enormous support, yes, but he also has a lot of people who are very unsupportive. I've in the past two days, I've heard at least six people make very homophobic comments about the whole thing, going so far as to suggest he should be "put down" and I live in one of the most liberal areas of the US.
  16. My point, however, is that he may well have saved lives by coming out. Before I came out, I honestly had no examples before me. I was terrified, and there were times when suicide, even for an observant Jew, was easier. Why? Because no one had the bravery to do it yet. So to me, if knowing that there's a proud gay, black man, who was not afraid of backlash, and who could still be a pro athlete saves one kid from slitting their wrists, then yes, he's a hero, to me. Does that make sense?
  17. Only when I can't help it. It makes visit to the rez rather difficult at times.
  18. My daughter is a rape baby. My brother decided to rape my girlfriend. I literally had to hold her during flashbacks, stop her from physically harming herself, watch as she fought her own body to try and heal from broken ribs and legs. After our daughter was born, my brother sued for custody TWICE.
  19. So, if that clump of cells becomes a tumor is it still human? What if it becomes a parasitic mass? Or a calcified mass? There is no guarantee a fetus will become human until after the legal cut off.
  20. And yet you keep asking for what reason. I define myself as Jewish. That's it.
  21. I'm Jewish. I attend both Conservadox and Orthodox synagogues. I've taken classes at Modern Orthodox chavurahs and one at a Hasidic yeshiva. I've taught Hebrew at a Reform shul.
  22. To me, as a person of color who had no one to look up to when attempting to come out as a minority, I think he is a hero. It's hard to be the first in a field to admit that you're different.
  23. Meaning what? I am recognised as a Jew under all branches of Judaism, thank you. My marriage is recognised under Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal, and Conservadox. Considering the ketubah was written up by two Orthodox rabbis, it is a valid legal document in Israel.
  24. Yes, but why should they believe a doctor they don't know is going to give them a good injection? Look at Native history. It's not like disease was ever used to wipe them out before...oh wait... It's not like their land was taken from them and they were shoved on little bitty pieces oh, hold on.... It's not like their religion and their names were forcibly removed from their kids...oh, wait, that too. It's different in that I've actually tested vaccinations. I've been one of the grunts who has to record all the deaths or seizures during animal testing. I've been one of