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  1. I have a weird phobia or fear, but its the only one I actually have. I'm afraid of the wind when its blowing faster then 20 mph. Its weird, but I get nervous and twittery. But If it stays the same speed, I'm usually fine. If its during the day, I'm okay. Its at night time when it scares me. Its weird, but night time wind phobia of 20 mph or faster is mine.
  2. I wouldn't mind this, but I think it'd be cool if you made this dragon be able to choose what it is and ascend the stage. Like say you had an egg, you could ascend it to be an hatchling with risks of course. Or maybe have it ascend another adult you like, say the daydream dragon on your scroll to your 3rd stage your talking about. 1st: I'd like it if you could choose what stage to ascend 2nd: I'd like it if you could choose other eggs,hatchlings,dragons on the scroll and not just this type. I'm not positive, but that is what I'd like to see. But anyhow, even if those don't happen, it'd be okay, but not the greatest.
  3. Well, normally I'm not happy but "something" is trying to get me to smile apparently, I'm one of those that hardly ever smiles and when I do, then it makes people happy....When I smile, its usually a joke or someone gets me to smile by doing something, mainly blushing smile usually. But anyhow, what would make me happy would be find my soul mate.