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  1. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Hit me with all you got!!! Scroll name:White-Sword-Master Thank you all who hit me, no more hits please & thanks. See page 142 to know more.
  2. Here is an official level and snow though for you. You don't get any new snow per hour until you reach level 35. And I'm at level 42 with 11/units of snow per hour still. So, I guess I need to be attacked some more again.
  3. Throw at me, wat, lol. I must be kidding, lol. Anyway, I would like to level up quicker.
  4. I had an idea for a new type, curious if i tried to sprite an fakemon would an new type be acceptable as well? Just curious.
  5. You could always attack yourself getting no experience, I find it quite funny that it worked.
  6. Did not know this, lol. But there you go. lol. If not common knowledge but hey, pretty funny none the less.
  7. Or something is going on secretly, I wondered if 25 was Max level, couldn't gain any exp for christmas day, but today I could level up. Either a glitch or something, its fun though.
  8. I'm curious, no limit means you can have more then 2 of the past dragons or I'm lost on what it means. ? If so, I'm so breeding my 09 breeds.
  9. Wish I could have caught any of these breeds, oh well, they are permanent editions, so I'll try & catch them later. Besides, none of them have a BSA, s its fine.
  10. I can't believe DC started one day before my 16th b-day. Hmm, kinda creepy actually. Then I join 08 but do nothing until 09 as I forgot the password to my email account.
  11. That would be cool, wouldn't it. Did finish survey.
  12. @Topic Support @Sockpuppetstrangler, I'm on another forum & it has the capability of a report button, & capability of insert (group) conversations, but it lacks the ability to cut short one person out, lets say u accidentally add an inactive member thinking he was an active one you talked to recently as his forum name was pretty much identical except for one letter & you didn't bother to notice it. lol. Anyway, I think it was Xenforo and they are working to make a second one as I've heard lately, not sure
  13. You have same b-day? *High Fives Back*
  14. Thanks, but truly isn't the golden b-day when your all three match up. Age, B-day, and Year. I guess it can't, so we settle, which is fine, my luck will never increase at all... Lol, and you had to wait a few more years, sorry dude...
  15. Intriguing, so when was dragcave born, apparently may, I was curious when, I was born May 23rd 1990. gonna be 23 yrs old the second day of this event. Problem is I don't want to be 23 yrs old....darn.
  16. Pretty much when you influence a paper dragon egg, as I'm certain you can't but if this idea worked & tj allowed it, you could influence the egg to have genders. In this idea, think of it as if you were drawing a boy or girl on a piece of paper, its not actually a boy or girl, its still just a piece of paper. But you give it details & things like a boy/girl would have, then technically it's now a gender-ed piece of paper. Its more the gender-ed, but you get the point. So, if you influence a paper egg, it'd say Your [insert name] gave the egg a gender by writing on it. Or maybe as a human action You gave [insert name] a gender by drawing on it. Of course it'd only work for papers, but it is an idea. I don't see why this couldn't work. Those are just piss poor examples, but u still get the point. Bright side you provoke it by influence or human action so the people who want them cannon can keep it that way. Its a win/win.
  17. I support this & heres an idea Ivy Shadow Rosette influences the enchanted egg to be chosen gender by owner. Meaning you wrote on paper dragon the gender & used the pink who has the same gender you wrote on the paper to be influenced. Besides, you draw on a piece of paper, it don't have a gender, nor face, nor dragon, but it can come to life through the use of 3d computers & etc. I know they don't exist in the past, but the paper dragon is enchanted, so it is alive & very well happy, so it should have genders IMO.
  18. I eat farm fresh eggs, store bought eggs are terrible, & second, are you sure your parents don't get their eggs from a farmer like mine do. Just curious, lots of people never think about where there getting there food from, whether its fresh, processed, natural, or etc. I know some restaurants sell eggs either or depending if they have approval of course. So, yes, if I was dying from starvation & there was an dragon egg & for some odd reason there was no one or anything else left on earth, I'd either A) eat the egg or wait until it hatches & grows up a little & eat it. But I'd do A). Thank you Guillotine for your well though out post. lol. Its true though nonetheless.
  19. I support this for main reason is that, Person C wants egg A you have & you want egg B from person D, but person C thinks you're trying to rip yourself off by adding some more very rare eggs,in the trade, and all person C wanted was just egg A. I've had this happen, I generally trade then gift those eggs back while explaining to the person was trying really screw himself over.
  20. how about all of the above? That way everyone can be happy on how they got their frozen egg. To me, it'd rather be like in real-life, I drill a hole in the egg, cook its contents, and have an shell to clean. Its real life, you all eat chicken eggs, so why care if you killed an dragon while saving the shell? Especially if its a common, you can just go get another one in the cave. Just my opinion.
  21. I have a lot left to catch then I guess.
  22. lol, like what, lol. but then saw the time.