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    Yours did have very high Views, and some dragons are more delicate than others...


    *sends hugs and sympathy*


    Mine are usually OK in Silvi's on the first day, Valley Sherwood when closer to the 6th day - but I tend to Fog mine while I'm sleeping or if I'm going to be off the puter for very long.


    And unusually, a couple of my Val eggs did get Sick - even their description says they're fragile...


    If you put them in a higher-View fansite, the numbers may explode with people adding into fansites and, hopefully, giving at least some Views back, so, personally, I stick to sites like Daily Dragon Fix, Silvi's and Valley Sherwood for the first day, then Dragondump and Draghatch into the 5th day, and AOND when into their 4th - but I watch mine and Fog when I can't.



    On Holidays/New Releases, you'll see a lot of warnings about increased Views being likely and possibly being dangerous.


    There may be new people not yet understanding the rules or game, who may think your new eggs are in trouble because of having no/low Views and try to help by adding other people's eggs to more fansites, not realizing that hey may sicken or kill them.


    You also sometimes get pathetic little jerks who like to ruin the fun of others by trying to kill other people's dragons.



    So New Releases of any kind are always times to be extra-careful, as you now, unfortunately, know all too well... sad.gif

    I'll do like I do every year, should have done it in the first place, but it was 2 am when i caught the eggs and was tired and forgot to do it and learned my lesson, but thanks for explaining the egg thing. For sure thought they were safe after I unhid them today and I was wrong, lol.


    Now only if we could have 4 of these males, they look so wicked cool and beautiful, best egg I've seen IMO.


    But meh, lets make the best of the day and move on now, shall we. I live by a motto that sure fits anything.


    "Expect the worst but hope for the Best" wink.gif

  2. Incubation does not protect from sickness due to over viewing. (but that's really a Help topic discussion that we can continue in PMs if you wish)


    But I am just glad you were able to catch more of them.

    Oh, k, thought it was worth noting. But anyway, thank you for informing me of no lock on eggs dying by sickness, that was new to me anyway.


    These eggs look just gorgeous like all Valentines Day Dragons. Just beautiful.

  3. They died because they had way too many views for a 7 day egg (views were over 1000 and unique over 400).


    Problem is they were a 6 day egg as I incubated them. Also I've had a 7 day egg with 2000 views and no death but maybe Valentines Day egg's are weaker. Oh well, glad I could catch eggs again, darn attacks from others. Also I did not post them to any hatchery, well, the eggs except Valentines day eggs were, so that explains them. But the Valentines one, hmm. Oh well.

  4. Eggs that die of sickness shouldn't take up an egg slot. Only those you kill manually will lock you. Are you sure that you're egglocked?

    Oh, thought I was locked then went & grabbed another, so I guess that explains it, they all died of sickness for some oddball reason. So, I'm not locked at all? Cool.


    Still why they are all dying of sickness so rapidly, valentines day has never done that before. Why this year is beyond me.

  5. I must confess that I agree with you sad.gif


    Plus, it takes so long to actually get a fully grown flower. I've bee at it for over ten hours and I still do not have a flower to send to anyone. I'd hoped I'd have been able to have sent several by now - and it's a huge shame I haven't been able to send even one, especially as it is Valentine's Day today.


    I just hope the growing time is reduced over the next few days in order to spread the love.

    You know Valentines though in the 18th century was also a lot of work.


    Valentines Day


    In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). Valentine's Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid.


    Traditionally, that above back then was a lot of work, so guess its sort of the same deal if you really think about it.



    I'm so sorry to hear about your eggs!


    Lucky that the Valentine Release runs 3 days, so at leat being locked for a day doesn't shut you out of collecting those!





    I was wondering if the 'next stage' for the flowers perhaps isn't triggered by 'seed/planting' visits, and out of desperation am trying just checks, as well, to see if that helps grow some send-able plants.


    Thought I'd mention, just in case that ctually helps.

    Ah, no problem, I have the release ones and they are sick as well, but they did not die, they have the force within them. wink.gif

    The ones that did not survive were the ones that I caught yesterday which were released May 22-May 28th, but they weren't the ones I was wanting anyway.


    Its no big thing, I'm happy I still have my two precious hatchlings and two eggs that some how survived while I was asleep. Well, now I know what I'm going to name them.

  7. Now I know what if feels like to be view bombed. These eggs had plenty of days left and they are dead, not sure why. they did not get that many views, so I'm confuzzled on that. Luckily they were not valentines day dragons, those dragons are okay, just irritates me as I'm now locked until they are gone and I wasted incubates on them. ;(


    Anyway, hope Valentines Day is going better then mine is.


  8. Gotcha!

    no need to throw at me, I'm Max Level with a wimpy wimpy fort

    Scroll name: White-Sword-Master

    Threw a(n) snow-ball Icicle at: naturewatcher Demolished it for ya, took 200 damage. Yikes. I'm pooped out. Hope you leveled up extremely like I did when I got demolished.

  9. CODE

    I'd like to see my fort demolished as I got it the way i like it now. wink.gif! Please Hit Me!!!

    Scroll name:White-Sword-Master


    http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/White-Sword-Master preview of my fort.\\


    I'm going to need like 80 icicle's to bring it down.


    No more please, thank you to whomever destroyed it, please lemme know who, every refresh seem to bring my fort to its demise, like it was a glitch. I hope not.

  10. There are 256 squares on the grid. Covering them with ice palaces or tall snow towers costs 8 units of snow per square and gives 10 HP per square. This means a total cost of 2048 units of snow for 2560 HP.


    Reclaiming my ice towers will give me 768 units of snow (the initial cost was 1536 but I only get half of it back). I still need 2048 - 768 = 1280 units of snow.


    I can get up to 360 units of snow per day if I am never inactive, but in practice the total amount may be closer to 300 units per day. This means that I will still need 4 days to collect enough snow, assuming that I do not waste any snow repairing my fort or attacking other players.


    The game is ending at the end of the 1st of January, so this will be a bit tough...

    I kept hearing it ends at the midnight of the 1st, so technically the 2nd. I could be wrong, but that was my train of thought.

  11. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/raykawolf

    I am very protective of my gingerbread houses and their candy cane fences so Hansel and Gretel don't eat them so I put the spikes in front of them, and I must say I'm fond of the kitties <3

    That is a lot of kitties. Yikes. No Ice cats, but kittens. whoa, just to many to pet. wink.gif



    Here is my snow fort v2


    user posted image




    There will probably be a version 3 before the end. wink.gif

  12. Total HP: 1878


    Just no throwing on or after Jan 1st, please. I would like to rearrange my fort before the end of the Holiday Event and actually build an actual and decent fort (this was just an experiment). Thank you.


    Also, I might feel generous and give the person who destroys the fort before then a prize. Person must provide proof of destruction in the form of a jpeg image.


    EDIT: It got destroyed but no one's claimed the prize. Oh well. Here's the fort back up at full strength. Knock yourselves out if you still need to level up.


    Hit me with it!!!

    Scroll name: Spyridon


    user posted image

    I'm curious, what is your hp bar? lol.

  13. Gotcha!

    Scroll name: Lynn_StarDragon

    Threw a snow-ball at: Everyone asking to be hit on the last 3 pages.


    Hit me with it!!!

    Scroll name: Lynn_StarDragon


    When did we add another 25 levels?!?! Halp!

    after the 25th of course & don't worry, clicky the linky

  14. I love that everyone is sharing the names they came up with for their Solstice Dragons! It seems like we all think they just demand regal, majestic names.


    Most of my Christmas dragons are named after lyrics to various Christmas Carols, and I'd thought I knew which ones I wanted for these...but after seeing them as adults, I had to change. I wanted something more majestic, and also something more Solstice-y. Now they are: Yuletide Hymn and Wondrous Flight. Makes me happy -- the names are still from carols, but ones with more secular or natural themes: Mistletoe & Holly, and The Carol of the Birds.

    I would love to do a shimmer x christmas 2013 offspring, if you did do that, what would it take to get one of the 2nd gens. Its a gorgeous pairing.

  15. Thanks to all throwing snowballs in my face, I gained 5 levels. Please no more so I can gain enough snow to build my ultimate snow fortress now. If you need hits, I'll throw.


    I guess being hit with snowballs was my cure for leveling up quickly. wink.gif