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If you don't want, I'll take it if it fits these followings:1: No Inbred2: No Messy Lineage's3: Must be Hatchling4: Moonstones/Nebula's are appreciated.SnowfortGingerBreadHouse

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    Favorite Color: White
    Favorite Movie: Titan A.E or Atlantis
    Favorite Book: Artemis Fowl
    Favorite Meal: Grilled Burgers
    Favorite Vacation(wishing): Have fun all around the world hang gliding, biking down mountains, veiwing oceans, going to concerts, having fun
    Activities: Dancing, swimming, jet-skiing, fishing, hunting, four-wheeling, snowboarding, anything fun

    Dragons could possibly exist in outerspace,just to far away to fly here and contrary to popular belief, maybe dragons can't breath in space? Just a thought as to why we havent seen them. or maybe they don't want to visit to get rode by a human.....