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  1. When It's time for srs bznz i can act my age, but everywhere else its "lol u said doo doo!" I dont run into srs bznz that often tho.
  2. So, just making things clear before I mess something up, Past X-mas dragons ARE breedable as of now, correct?
  3. Yes, I believe there is a 1-2 hour grace period if you already have your max. Thanks for the info TJ! edit for number fail
  4. Similar happened to me, lol. *chewing on pen* somethin tastes fu- OMFGTHERESINKEVERYWHERE *throws out pen*
  5. I'm still wearing shorts here in Texas :3
  6. I'm allergic to death, it makes my heart stop for extended periods of time butrly, i think I'm allergic to nickel+water. i wore a necklace with a nickel charm once, and i was fine till i took a shower with it on, then my entire chest broke out in a rash. it sucked. and, like most, i am very allergic to the species annoyingus trollis, AKA, the idiot.
  7. Minecraft. "What's this nonsense about creepers? They look harmless, they don't even have arms!" "SSSSSSSS-" "what the f- *BOOM*" "."
  8. Creepers just want hugs :C Anyone encountered a spider-riding skeleton yet?
  9. Well my name has a story. Lol. If you have/had a neopets account (lol) you may notice there is a Hunters223,224,225,226,227,228,and a Hunters229. They are allll me. Lol. I wanted hunters, but it was taken/not allowed, so it suggested hunters223, and I took it. I then lost the password, and made 224, same to get to 225. I guess 225 has stuck with me ever since. Lol. Hunter= first name S= first initial of my last name. Lol. Long post is long
  10. The way I think of it, these cows/chickens/flamingos(lolwut?)/whatevers where bred and raised to be eaten. It's not like we just walked in on a random family of cows and said "I eat ur kiddiez nao lolz" and we are omnivorous for a reason...
  11. Olive you- DaveDays (good god it's a love song!) Look it up on YouTube. Only place your gonna find it.
  12. headlice closed down my elementary for a day and a half one :/
  13. A gigantic lizard tank, a cricket home, a small tub of mealworms, and a heat lamp. And the remote for my fan. But that's not really junk.
  14. In my head by Jason derulo (sp?) what a fitting name
  15. I like the show, but my parents didn't Mom: this is stupid, change it. Me: kay :C *mom leaves* Me: *changes back to EE&E* lolsextant
  16. My friend threw a desk because someone told him he wasn't good at playing the trumpet :I He doesn't even play the trumpet...
  17. You know what's funny? I found out about DC because of Animal crossing. I have WW, and i got CF/LGTTC for Christmas the year it came out, made a town, and lost it. I seriously have the case, but not the game. TT_TT
  18. Thanks for telling us why it was down!
  19. Holy epic. when it got canceled i was like WTF?! now it's like..... yay.
  20. Its not dropping only CB new drags anymore, i just saw a stripe
  21. TJ is a technologically inclined Chuck Norris! 8D OOOHH! maybe the adult goldfish is a magikarp!
  22. Is dragcave down for anyone else? mine wont load