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  1. I picked up the second gold, thank you. So glad I've got some CB grave dragons <3
  2. Technicolour Phase -- Owl City Fuzzy Blue Lights -- Owl City Every Breath -- Boyce Avenue Breakeven -- The Script Just to name a few ^^
  3. I am 16, and I think I'm just 5"1. I'm small compared to most of the people in my area
  4. I have an awful feeling that I should unlock and grab me some blueys - but I can't!! DX Thanks for the release.
  5. GLaDOS - Nice job breaking it, hero.
  6. Believe it or not, I like my natural and boring mousy brown colour I have at the moment :3 But if I was to dye it, maybe a darker brown?
  7. Book Number: 2 Number Of Pages: 264 Book Title: Stealing Pheonix Author: Joss Stirling Summary: Pheonix belongs to The Community, a gang of thieves with special powers. Her mark is Yves Benedict, an American student visiting London. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: Book Title: Afterwards Author: Rosamund Lipton Summary: A school catches fire and one mother, Grace, rushes in to save her daughter's life. Afterwards, Grace must find the identity of the arsonist and fight the limits of her physical strength to discover the limitlessness of love. Review: (going to review this one) Beautifully written book, almost guaranteed to make one laugh and cry.
  8. Rin Kagamine - Fear garden It. Is. So. SCARY ; w ;
  9. I love Terry Pratchett! I was introduced to his books this summer, when my cousin lent me The Colour Of Magic and Sourcery. I loved them, and bought at least 5 when I came back home I am currently reading The Hogfather and I just love the Death of Rats Another book by him that rather amuses me is Johnny of the Dead. Favourite characters are Rincewind, Twoflower (He's so cute ) and Conina.
  10. Granted, but a wormie eats it all I wish I could move house ^^
  11. I feeeeeel your pain! ; w ; I'm having more luck in assassin's creed: brotherhood. I do like to try and complete my games 100% but I tend to get bored of searching for stuff ><
  12. dsghgrhfv Darn! She Grabbed His Gerbil Rather Hard For Valerie. dfdjmfyg
  13. frwsjcnsdui France Runs Wildly, Singing 'John Can't Nuke Denmark Under Influence' vfcdcdnhm
  14. Granted, but your head explodes from all the colours and stuff. I wish my summer homework would do itself for me.
  15. Maybe Pretty birdie, little pixelly though
  16. Granted, but it's boiling so you can't do anything with it for ages. I wish for the next chapter of my manga to come out!