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  1. Rather random but not-so-random questions: What are censor kipz eggs? What is "repulsed?"
  2. Ah! That's amazing!!! kay, I'm done. And totally appreciative the forums work that way. &&thanks for the updates by the way...
  3. Wait... if I type a lot together as - will it make the image? testing...
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist! the anime, or the one that followed the manga best: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and the manga ended and there is one ep left of the anime. So sad but it was so brilliant! And I'm behind on the manga, so I'll get to experience the last parts again by way of manga... which is better anyway but it's ending - don't know what I'll do. guess catch up on the manga
  5. Power of Red + Thunderous Charge = Thred Thred is a thunder I got from someone who wanted a dif gender; I am so thankful! I seriously adore the name Thred anyway though, but it works.
  6. haha... well honestly I adore the Kingdom Hearts games!!! I escape to the Radiant Garden on occasion when life is bogus... {Ivalice and Spira are also nice places to escape too}
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    Edward and Bella: I now pronounce you Gary and Mary Stu. does that say enough? the general idea could've been bubbly-major if in the hands of someone else...
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    chocobo racing<333 I love 'em! I want one, haha...
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    Final Fantasy

    I beat X &adore it!!!!! beat X-2... it wasn't as good, but I missed Spira so I didn't mind some way through XII... not as inspired to play it as I was for X... I really want VII 'cause I hear it's the best, then I'd love to play VIII then IX too.
  10. well I adore KH! It can be a lil cheesy at times, but whatever. The original storyline outside of the disney&ff stuff is good... and I love FF, so seeing all the charas was interesting.