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  1. Just got the 38th x3 Yay~ They're preeeeettyyyy~
  2. My pet rat passed away a few months back, she was five years old. That's like... ANCIENT in rat years, isn't it? She was a good pet :3 And really friendly, she used to lick my finger x3 I have a chinchilla too, he's adorable and really hyper So fun, though I can't get him to stay still long enough to pet him when he's out of his cage Speaking of which, he figured out how to open the door too so we have a padlock on his cage. The first couple of times he escaped, my parents thought I left the door open. Then we saw him open it himself. Ha! I told them I didn't leave it open! He's a smart little critter he is! I've also had four mice and two hamsters.
  3. I got this Japanese game from ebay. I actually beat it, it's easy to figure out... So anyway... In the dream, I playing the game, except I'm playing it as one of my own characters instead of as one of the characters from the game. Apparantly I'm on top of a train, then I'm suddenly in a hotel trying to find the other characters who have been kidnapped by some...guy... I dunno. But anyway, I go around looking for them and I find these cabinets. So I open one and one of the characters pops out. I open another and another person pops out. I open another cabinet and that same guy I just rescued pop out except he's dressed like a girl. That's all I remember.
  4. Oh, I just know I'm going to be visiting this topic frequently. Let's see, where should I start? - Back when I was still in middle school, I had this dream: I was in school and we were all called down to the cafeteria for a science fair ( ? My school never had a science fair) and so we're all sitting in the cafeteria on the floor as the tables and chairs have apparantly dissapeared. And there's no science fair, aside from two guys experimenting with water in a blue plastic cup. Oh, and there were some characters from an anime I used to watch there too. But anyway, then one of the boys is wearing swim trunks and goggles, so he turns into a pokemon (...um...okay) and dives into the cup. The other guy starts heating it up and the cup starts changing colors. Then the water begins boiling and the guy starts freaking out yelling "we have to get him out of there or he'll be burned alive!" Then comes this red-headed girl with a hawk on her shoulder, claiming she can talk to animals. She throws a crab into the cup (still a normal sized drinking cup, mind you) and it comes back out holding a cooked chicken. Apparantly the chicken was the boy. ...Yeah... Then this blond cheerleader girl comes out of nowhere with a gun all angry for some reason saying something about "It's like when you buy plane tickets to one place but end up somewhere else, you know?" And so I have no idea what she's talking about so I'm just like "No." Then she looks at me and starts chasing me with the gun (no one else does anything to help) and I run out of the cafeteria into the gym. I then go into the boys' locker room, apparantly thinking "Well, everyone else in the school is in the cafeteria and I doubt they'll care since I'm being chased by a crazy chick with a gun!" Thus I run into the boys locker room which is (thankfully) empty. I hide in there and she comes in after me. A few minutes later I hear her freaking out and crying so I sneak out and run into the girls' locker room instead where I find some students from my class also hiding (even some boys) and apparantly half of the changing stalls have been replaced by chin up bars. A couple minutes later, the bell signaling the end of school rings and we all walk out into the cafeteria to leave. I grab my backpack and meet up with my friend when some lady claiming to be the guidance counselor comes up to me with this triangular thing wrapped up in a dollar bill. She says it's the key to the Necronomicon (the book of the dead, I think I had just recently watched Army of Darkness when I had this dream) and that I told her to hold onto it for me. As it turns out my binder has turned into the Necronomicon. Or just some other evil looking book. Then the woman tells me if I open it the world will end. So I open the book And I think the world ended in a black hole vortex thingy... Yeah...