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  1. Ok, I have a question. Everyone is saying, "Ctrl click on the eggs!" but every time I try to do so I get "Sorry, you can only view this page from within the site. If you believe you have reached this page in error, see the help section." What's up with that?

    Means your browser isn't sending the referral, so it can't tell if you typed the link in manually or not. Try using chrome.

  2. Two of my three Rancids have s1 cracks. They should hatch in an hour.


    1144/438/1 has no crack yet.


    1202/461/3 and 1167/458/2 are cracking.

    Ugh, my eggs will hatch on saturday cause I don't have a red.



  3. I haven't been able to catch anything since the first morning of the release. This is horrible, I have never had such a hard time catching new releases. You would think that with more players, more new eggs would be dropped.

    Well, If the eggs were meant to be rare, then I could see why.



    (i hope they go rare)

  4. I can't get a Brine to save my life. tongue.gif

    Trading is insane - people offer 2nd gen Golds for them! blink.gif


    I would laugh if the Musty or Rancid ones turn out rare. biggrin.gif

    Or if all 3 go rare, because that would make me happy :>

  5. T_T  So I'm assuming 200+ people are still in the coastal?

    Far less right now, but last time it made a huge surge from 80 to 200+. Right now its in the 100 range which isn't too bad, I caught mine in the 100 range.



    Edit: UGh I can't abandon my misclick until the NEXT drop.

    I even got the overburdened message.



  6. Hey guys, I'm back.


    Any news on the new dragons (easier harder to get, that kind of thing)?

    Def. Harder now that commons are flooding back.



    I have hope though, I managed to get a brine on my first try (Lucky eh?) so now lets see if my internet allows me to go for a mate for it smile.gif