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  1. http://dragcave.net/lineage/WciSS I like it
  2. Need at -least- 1 male cb blusang to have 1 CB breeding pair. I have 2 CB females :>
  3. What would a 2nd gen PB Blusang Lindwurm (I think that's the name?) be worth in 5 days? (when both of mine grow up, 1 needs to hatch today .-.)
  4. My first brine hatched To all that don't have a brine - I'm sure people will be gifting 2nd gen PBs. I know I am gifting 2 people already, so don't worry.
  5. Tried for a brine at the 5 min. Managed to get a CB Summer after i gave up
  6. Means your browser isn't sending the referral, so it can't tell if you typed the link in manually or not. Try using chrome.
  7. Ugh, my eggs will hatch on saturday cause I don't have a red. /facepalm.
  8. IKR! Without the white things on it it would be a blue metallic
  9. There is a rumour on the wiki saying the brines are black/neb rare.
  10. I'm done hunting for brines. On saturday I shall resume hunting for 1 musty and 1 rancid. Then I will be finished with the new releases.
  11. Wow. Brines seem REALLY common, just hard to get due to demand. Tomorrow the AP might block the cave. I can't even imagine what would happen then.
  12. Nah don't give up. You'll get one eventually.
  13. Well, If the eggs were meant to be rare, then I could see why. (i hope they go rare)
  14. A very generous person has gifted me a second brine egg. Now I can breed and gift PB 2nd gens! And if they gender incorrectly, I'll try to swap them
  15. Gifted someone a Rancid egg. Also, I can't for the life of me get a second Brine. I wanted to get a 2nd gen pb one, but I'll just stairstep with some breed once I see the adults.
  16. Or if all 3 go rare, because that would make me happy :>
  17. Couldn't get a second brine. On the bright side though, I picked up a rancid at the ap.
  18. Wow, Now my misclick decides I can abandon it .-. I really, really want a pair of brines. I'm going to hunt forever until I get another CB. (Or if someone gifts me one :3) I absolutely need that pair.
  19. Far less right now, but last time it made a huge surge from 80 to 200+. Right now its in the 100 range which isn't too bad, I caught mine in the 100 range. Edit: UGh I can't abandon my misclick until the NEXT drop. I even got the overburdened message. /rage.
  20. Def. Harder now that commons are flooding back. I have hope though, I managed to get a brine on my first try (Lucky eh?) so now lets see if my internet allows me to go for a mate for it
  21. At the next hourly drop, I should be able to abandon my misclick to try for another brine. I want a pair >
  22. Misclicked again. I got 1 brine, 1 rancid and 1 musty though so I'm happy
  23. http://dragcave.net/lineage/DRonE Just bred a Drone
  24. http://dragcave.net/lineage/u11mX I don't know if this is a 'good' lineage but it seems like it?
  25. Dunno if this is a good lineage but I think it looks good Here