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  1. Remember TJ is busier than you may think, and most likely does not breed every week like clockwork. It takes time to breed these dragon, then look and see whos next for said dragon. Then make sure they have open spots and deliver....and posting they are available...he sure didn't need to do that. I'm not on a list but sure want to be, and I know that no matter what, it will be a long wait bc who knows how many are in front of you..... Patience peeps, he didn't ignore or forget anyone....you will get your dragons eventually.
  2. OMGs Was so close! Congrats to the lucky ones getting those fresh 2nd gens!!
  3. gone to the absolutely best home besides my own
  4. Took a gold. Would love if I could take both but man I would feel greedy. Will you have any 3rds for trade soon? I would love to have more 2nds but I don't see that happening soon.
  5. Anyone interested in a Thuwed Egg? Bred it for a trade but when I went to offer it, they already accepted a different trade. GRRR Heres the Lineage: 4th Gen Thuwed Granite Just offer something decent, if no offers its going to AP Make an offer on my Thuwed! Might accept a line swap
  6. Today, a " Sorry, a database error has occurred. " comes up when anyone tries to click on my adoptable...try it see if it happens to you??
  7. This topic is for those with Thuwed Dragons. Thuwed Dragons are dragons from TJ09's lines, he is the all mighty creator of our much loved dragon world here. Thuwed is personally my favorite line, not including my own. I am only lucky enough to own one of the precious Thuwed, and I as well as some others would love to see what Thuwed you possess, what generation and possibly a linage. Mine>> My 2nd Generation Thuwed Whats special about your Thuwed apart from being a Thuwed that is? My 2nd Generation Geode for example has a CB Geode Mother. Others would love to acquire more Thuweds! Like me! ha, I find they're hard to come by...so what posts are allowed currently: *You may post you have a Thuwed to re-home. *You may post you have a Thuwed to trade. *You may post you wish to give a Thuwed a good home. *You may post you will breed Thuwed eggs for wishers. *Please post and introduce your Thuwed! *You may post and talk about anything concerning Thuwed, rarity, like them, not like them, and so on. Anything NOT concerning Thuwed or just plain old spamming like "oh LOL" or a "I agree" will not be tolerated. Explain yourself. Any suggestions for this thread please PM me.