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My scrollIf I have a lineage you're interested in, just ask! I'll do my best to save the next egg from that pair for you!My wishlist... I'm not currently looking for anything aside from the new egg releases I've missed.Super long hiatus = 700+ unnamed dragons.. I'm working on getting them all renamed, though it may take a while. ><2ut2mnp.png

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    *- Wish List -*

    CB-6gen Golds/Silvers/Tinsels with pretty lineages
    2-6gen Shimmerscale
    CB Trios
    CB-3gen Birthday Release breeds

    *- Neglect Results -*

    ~ Attempt 1:
    CB Magi - Couldn't meet neglect time, hatched early. Failed.
    ~ Attempt 2:
    CB Guardian, CB Magi - Forgot to check eggs, both died. Failed.
    ~ Attempt 3:
    2 CB Hellfires, CB Guardian - ER'd a few minutes too early, all hatched normally. Failed.

    Low time eggs take 6-9 minutes to hatch completely after being added to ER - More precise information later.
    Views/Clicks may alter this result. All experiments done with eggs having >10 views when fogged.
    Some resources say that prime ER time is 10 minutes 'til death.
    Death time can easily be determined if experiment eggs are fogged right when you catch them. Fogging times are listed in your Action Log. (Death is 7 days after catch for cave-caught eggs)
    Unsure if incubating an egg will hinder neglect results.

    *- Breeding List -*

    rockinghorse - 4EG Geode
    Shato - 2G PB Red Dorsal
    scartalon - Soulpeace egg
    Wildcard999 - Several CB eggs, see missing list

    *- IOU's -*
    indiw - for Gold Shimmer (4/5)
    ~2 male CB/2g PB Bloodscale hatchlings (1 delivered, 1 hatching)
    ~2 non-inbred Red hatchlings (delivered)
    ~1 PB Bleeding Moon hatchling (delivered)
    ~threw in an Imperial hatchling for free :)