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  1. I give up lol I need 1 each from the Desert/Jungle/Forest and have never seen the 7th one (Flow)
  2. Question--The festival of eggs shows up on my laptop but not on my hubby's any clue why
  3. Awesome a drop on my birthday lol now to get 2 of each kind but man it is hard I have the best hubby! He caught a bunch and is gifting them to me for my birthday!!! Thanks TJ for the drop
  4. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Merlot Forum name: Merlot Birthday: Dec 1st Revised List: 1.Neglected 2.Alt Black 3a.Surprise me 3b. 4a. 4b.
  5. omg these are awesome! I get chills when I vision foggy nights WOW
  6. WOW 6hrs in and now mixing with older eggs already. Cannot catch a chill egg for anything but love that we have a new release
  7. OMG these are sensational! I love them all Thank you TJ and Spriters for giving us this awesome release! Perfect for a 13th birthday
  8. Well got the purple one and will have to wait on the others and have a very full day tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some
  9. Happy Birthday DC and we need more slots!
  10. I OVE the backgrounds! However I cannot see an Easter egg to save my soul and I even used my magnifying glass.
  11. grrrrrr pygmies will not let me catch them lol. got the vibrant eggs easily just need the other one
  12. WOW the spriters really outdid themselves They are beautiful!
  13. lol people must be getting theirs as I just caught 2 so I am still hunting for 2 more Thanks tiny gremlin
  14. Is this 2 headed one still dropping been over an hour since I saw one
  15. I agree cause if I am not up all night then they are mixed by the time I am awake
  16. The drabs are so easy to get. the other ones I will have problems as old eggs are already dominate again. New releases need a bit longer alone in the biomes. However this was a surprise and Thank you TJ and spriters for the release
  17. Lovely Dragon and concept. Thank you so much for them NiramiTheRaven196 and Shiny Hazard Sign. Fantastic Job!
  18. I get a tombstone and the Error message when trying to get to my scroll. Well I logged out then relogged in and I am in. Sorry
  19. Well I cannot ever get past the 1st page on how to play so I am out However I caught my 2nd CB Holly So I am good!!!!!!!!
  20. OMG I LOVE THESE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome job!
  21. I love this Halloween! Thank you so much TJ and TCA. The dragons so far are awesome! cannot wait til they grow up
  22. ok These are fantastic! Way to go spriters and thank you for the release Tj
  23. *pokes TJ's hatchies* grow up now! lol I am impatient