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    Hey all! I have a wishlist now! :D

    -Any even-lineaged Dragon
    -Rares and things I don't have (there are a LOT of sprites I do not have, due to inactivity)
    -CB Whites, Stripes, Day/Night Glory, Nebula, Daydream, Pillow, Ridgewings and Seasonals
    -Christmas, or other themed dragons (even-lineage preferred)
    -Fancy new dragons that everyone's talking about (Silver? Gold? Buh?)
    I -especially- want CB Ridgewings at the moment, Tan and Purple, because I'd like to start a personal lineage with them :D
    Same goes for the stripes, but they're rarer as far as I understand.

    I have:
    -Depends on what's available in my cave that I'm willing to trade.
    -Can breed -nearly- anything together that you see in my cave. Even generations are listed on my google-sites pages.

    Feel free to drop me a PM :) I'll be happy to negotiate something with you.