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  1. Just getting started so all I have is three seedlings
  2. haha got click happy and then egglocked with new guys
  3. grah late to the party and caught off guard when I saw them. I thought they would be an exclusive drop but I guess no such luck, will just have to try later
  4. I should go to sleep before I'm up all night Happy flower gifting everyone!
  5. I agree. I hope there will be some way to do this or even layer them slighty
  6. Seeing all these flowers almost makes me want to start a flower garden
  7. Okay one more flower then I need to sleep ... maybe just one more after that... or two.... gah!
  8. May the magic of digital flowers bring all together on Valentines
  9. wait a min and I'll send ya one looking for roses and pulmerias right now please
  10. Am I being silly or can you arrange the flowers? I want to organize them some
  11. Haha that's pleanty of branches now just need more of the others, fav so far are the roses and pulmeria
  12. I should sleep but must send flowers
  13. could I trouble anyone for a branch?
  14. suddenly a flower. My very first! yay!