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  1. There is a Forever alone face hidden on the dollar bill right in the Pyramid
  2. How come you can't have hamsters over there? I've had rats too but my little brother and mum where scared to death of old spike. Now all I can bring home are either hamsters( which I got one and he has one) or reptiles as long as they have legs lol.
  3. I agree the movie is just got awful > This is a scene from the movie
  4. I fix my cracked 50 gallon aquarium with a glue gun today. Can't belive it that I got it to where it no longer leaks.
  5. Aww poor thing. I've lost lost quite a lot of pets to wet tail. Hamsters ,guinea pigs, even a degu.
  6. Hes a dwarf hamster . Got him and his brother (may he rest in peace) from Pet Co during adoption. He has skin problems but i love him all the same.
  7. Was looking around the fourm and could not help buut notice no thred about hamsters. So I thought i would make one. If there is another one sorry i could not find it. Nice place to talk about our furry little friends and post pice and tell stories about them. Here is my little guy his name is Groucho he is a talkative little thing in his cage. Had him for a year and a half.
  8. Oh belive me i'm not trading the egg off. I'm trying to figure out whats its offspring would be worth. When it first hit my scroll a few days ago a few people where offering me thing to be on the list and one of the things everybody was offering was CB summers. I still don't understand how come they have become so rare.
  9. Umm ever heard of depreciation of value? Might want to look that up. I'm asking because as everybody (cept it seems you of course) knows not every tin is created equal. Some are more popular then other tins. I mean just look at the CB springs and summers for some strange reason they are going for CB slivers.
  10. Wow someones a little mad. I'm not asking because I'm looking for a "excuse to gloat" I'm asking because I'd really like to know. Thus why I thought this thread was created for.
  11. Hello everybody. I'm a little curious of what I can get from the offspring of This trade vaule wise? Sorry if fogged.
  12. Hey guys I was searching the web for a phone charm and found this website here http://www.gd-wholesale.com/chinaproduct/m...nt-m302298.html. Is this possable? I mean yes it would be cool to have a plant go everywhere you go but at the same time how does it get enough water ect to live?
  13. Hey can we also talk about planted aquariums here as well? I got some Marino balls that are looking kinda scruffy at the moment and need some advice.
  14. @ylangylang you have no idea lol. And these are the thornless kind. The sec they produce berries I'm hording every last one lol. Freaking love berries
  15. I strated gardening a while back. It all started when I went to walmart and saw this sickly strawberry for a dollar. I felt sorry for it and bought it and lo and behold its growing strong. Ive gother other fruit bushs after that black berry, blue berry, and a few raspberrys. Hope they do just as well.
  16. With an estimated 40,000 species of spider only 1 is a vegetarian. I give you the Bagheera kiplingi spider
  17. Such pretty eggs. Thanks DC mods for all your hard work. ★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • •。★Christmas★ 。* 。 ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚ ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚And a Happy New Year!
  18. After many years on DC I have finnaly manage to get two hollies from a trade I made earlyer this year ^^. I'm so happy. I can not wait till they hatch.
  19. Thanks TJ and the spriters to new new eggy. Got mine on the first drop and I droped right back to sleep lol. Happy Halloween everybody and good luck hunting.
  20. Waterwraith from pikmin 2. Scared the crap out of me when I first entered the dungon. Also beware of the Smoky Progg!!!
  21. I would have to say Okami followed by the capcom verson of pokemon Gotcha Force. Black & White 2 is great also.
  22. Superman Returns. God awful of a game. The ending boss is a tornado a tornado of all things. Dont get me started on the new Duke Nukem forever game.
  23. Don't know if anyone come in here but has anyone esle heard about the new monster hunter coming out for the 3DS? I don't know about this one. I think it might fail. Anyone else?
  24. I have a 3DS its ok I guess. Only reason why I got the thing was because my ds Light died and gamestop was haveing a deal on tradeing it in and taking off 79 bucks for it. The 3D feture can hurt your eyes as well as your head if you try playing in the dark lol. I just can't wait to see how they make Monster Hunter on this. Neat Nerd fact about the 3DS games and system. DO NOT TRY THIS!!! Wounder why there is a little tab on their games? Well (guy showed me this from Play N Trade) if you cut the tab off and put the game in a old DS system it will in a way still load the game. Problem is the sec it gets past the nintendo load screen it cuts itslef off in sleep mode (kinda like with a Action Replay) and will keep trying to load the game over and over untill it frys its system.