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Stop punting the poor spitfires to the AP, they'll just keep appearing in the cave. See ecology under "help".And NO, I will NOT grab them out of the cave if there's lower time on the AP! Sheesh! PM Me if you want a hatchie bred- I make NO promises on the gold/silvers breeding anytime this year ><IMG[imghttp://i545.photobucket.com/albums/hh378/8clarkie8/EvilProjectBanner.png]Why I stopped working on lineage dragons...erinalia.png Always trading for purebred/even gen Spitfires! More than 2nd gen gets priority!

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    If you'd like a traded/gifted egg, please don't disappear for 2 days after saying you'd like it! It will be tossed on the egg/hatchling departure page or re-traded after 48 hours of no contact!