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    This ALL needs edited, so if anyone wanders by here.... Don't believe any of this for now. I've been off the forum for about 5 years so I don't even remember what this says, lol.

    I'm back after a long 5 months or so with very limited/intermittent internet. I'm catching again. Enjoying finding the new dragons that have been released since I was mostly gone. I'll be updating my wishlist and returning to threads I hope are still active sometime soon.

    Scroll Info:

    Please Read Before Posting my eggs/hatchies anywhere. Thanks.

    I have help enabled and may actually need it occasionally this month. I take full responsibility for continuing to pick up eggs if I choose to do so but I am hoping to avoid any deaths on my scroll. I will try to get here every couple of days and I will also try to post my most recent visit in DC time. Any time I haven't been here in 24 hours or more anyone is welcome to put my eggs/hatchies on a view site (or more). I will give a slightly altered schedule that I use for posting my dragons. The alteration is to allow for any incubation I may use. The following is close to my "normal" pattern of posting my dragons and Should get them views without risking too many and getting them sick (I think). I prefer to err on the side of caution and risk getting slightly too few views than too many. I'm counting on being here often enough to get them caught up on views if they are low, but I will not be around to fog them quickly if they get sick.

    - I typically wait a day before listing them anywhere
    - 5 days 18 hours left or less -- I typically start them on AoND
    - 5 days 12 hours or less and less than 500 views and 3 clicks I also add them to EatW
    - less than 4.5 days and less than 1000 views and I might add them to a 3rd. Usually Silvi's or DDF
    - if they go much less than 4 days I usually add them to AoND er
    - I rarely need more than one er but if any get below 3.5 days and some experienced dragon keepers out there decide it's necessary...

    If you were only here to find out about posting my dragons you can stop reading here :) And if you made it this far I Thank You!

    In-Bred Rescue Info: (on hold - I may check there any time I stop by to grab eggs but please ignore the following paragraph for now and don't offer any)

    If you are visiting from the In-Bred Shelter/Rescue Thread (or from anywhere and just curious) the dragons I am currently most likely to accept are Misfits, Seawyrms, Geodes, Magmas, Stripes (any color for now), Sunstones, Silvers, Thunders, Ridgewing (Tan), Ocredrakes, Mints, and Vampires. Anything from the First completed list later on this page (NOT the completed pairs list) is not something that I am currently looking for and I am unlikely to accept it until my other projects are completed. I do not sit on DC all day but any time I have internet I try to check in several times a day. I will try to respond quickly to any PM.

    Trade Info:

    I keep the first of each gender per species/type that I breed myself. Anything else is potentially tradable. But I don't abandon anything I breed unless it's auto-abandoned. Oh, and I probably won't ever try to create Vamps, Neglecteds, or Zombies for trade. (I like that I've never had dead dragons :) IF you request a trade... Please DO NOT kill any dragon you receive. Freezing is ok with me. I'd rather you keep it instead of release it but if it becomes a choice between killing or releasing please release it.

    Current DC goals:

    One of everything DC has :P

    Still Needed - Gold, Green Dino, Blue Dino, Neglected, Zombie, Leetle Tree(s), Gold Tinsel, Holly, Elemental. And I think that's everything! Expanded wishlist at the bottom.

    More ambitious:
    6 adults of every species/type (3 of non-breedables)
    1 caveborn of each gender (when available)
    1 homebred of each gender
    1 "extra" of each gender - preferrably bred by someone else
    Plus a frozen of each gender/stage

    Currently most actively hunting for Stripes, Thunders, and Tan Ridgewings (and a blue and green dino)

    Completed (31):

    Blunas, Crimson Flare Pygmy, Dark Myst Pygmy, Magi, Moonstone, Nebula, Neotropical, Nilia Pygmy, Pink, Purple, Pygmy, Red, Ridgewing (purple), Terrae, Two-Headed, Skywing, Spitfire, Spring, Stone, Summer, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunsong Amphitere, Swallowtail, Terrae, Two-Head, Water, Waterhorse, Waterwalker, Whiptail, White

    Future/Concurrent goals:

    A purebred (low lineage) and/or caveborn (preferred) Breeding pair of each species/type. (or as many as possible)

    Completed/Proven Pairs (23)

    Dark Myst Pygmy (CB), CF Pygmy (CB), Horse (CB), Magi (CB), Mint (CB), Misfit Pygmy (CB), Nebula (CB blue/org), Neotropical (CB), Nilia Pygmy (CB), Ochredrake (CB), Pillow (CB), Purple (CB), Ridgewing-purple (CB), Seawyrm Pygmy (CB), Spitfire (CB), Stone (CB), Sunrise (CB), Sunstone (CB), Water (CB), White (CB), Whiptail (CB), WaterWalker (CB), Waterhorse (CB), maybe others. I haven't checked them all yet.

    Then if I actually manage all of that or get close to it... maybe I'll get into a couple lineages or try for 2 CB pairs of each dragon. We'll see. I think the current projects will take a while.

    "Complete" Wishlist: (Wishlist thread is updated BEFORE this list. If the 2 disagree, believe that one.-- see link in sig)

    Vampire: Caveborn (not-bitten) pair if they are offered. Any male, female for freezing.

    Magma: non CB male, male and female for freezing

    Geode: Female for freezing

    Stripe-Black: any 2 males, any female, male and female for freezing

    Stripe-Red: any 2 males, any female

    Stripe-Green: any male, any female, male and female for freezing

    Stripe-Blue: any 2 males, male and female for freezing

    Stripe-White CB male and female, male for freezing

    Sunstone: non-CB female,

    Neotropical: male for freezing

    Moonstone: male for freezing

    Silver: CB pair, non-CB pair, male and female for freezing

    Thunder: CB male, non-CB female, male for freezing

    Ridgewing (Tan): CB pair, non-CB male, male and female for freezing

    Seawyrm Pygmy: non-CB male, female for freezing

    Ocredrake: any male, male and female for freezing

    Mint: female for freezing

    Crimson Flare Pygmy: non-CB male

    Misfit Pygmy: non-CB female

    Paper: any 1 ungendered for freezing

    Alt Vine: any female

    Marrow: any male, short/nice lineage preferred

    Gold: any

    Silver Tinsel: any

    Gold Tinsel: any

    Bronze Tinsel: any

    Leetle Trees: any

    Dinos: any

    Neglected: any

    Zombie: any

    Holly: any

    Elemental: (Some day I'll summon one!!)

    Red: any