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  1. Oh my god, look at all the eggs on The Young page! Must be because it's Spring....
  2. Amprhithere: Something like an Eastern but without legs. Usually has feathers. Draclans: ??? Draks: ??? Drakes: Smallish dragons. Lyndwurms: Long body. Low-to-the-ground. Wyrms: ??? Sea Serpents: Not exactly a dragon. Usually scaly and green/blue color. Sometimes has legs. Sometimes has only fins. Easterns: Long bodies. Short legs. Whiskers. Think Asian dragons. Westerns: Large. Stocky. Usually walks on all fours. Think dragons you hear in fairy tales. Wyverns: Large. No front limbs. And those are somewhat plain descriptions of what I think each type of dragon looks like. I vote for Easterns! DC needs more of them.
  3. Look at the Young Page now! Hatchlings, eggs, and a White Adult! Wow!
  4. Well it seems to me like TJ's eggs never die.
  5. Yay! New eggies! Hopefully the Mod Mayhem craze will die down now; all I have from that is a Nebula.
  6. Gah, every time I go to post Twilight's entry she turns into a statue again. So I'm just going to pretend it's night. Night, Spring Yesterday the Pygmy, Spring, Skywing, and White Striped eggs hatched. I was around to see it. Right now the entire cave is filled with piles and piles of abandoned eggs, so many the entrance is blocked. It makes my heart ache for the poor dragons inside, especially those at the bottom of the pile who have been there for a while and the new ones that are cold at the top. It sickens me how other people will deliberately throw out perfectly good eggs... and mainly all the same breed! The pile is made up of green-colored eggs and a few Blacks, maybe another kind here and there. It's not right. Twilight and Moonlight say I need to find myself a good mate, mainly because I'd get to have my own dragons. But that's not what I want. Sometimes I see that the abandoned eggs are the same breed as I am and my heart wants to reach out for them. However, Bluefeather insists on getting Springs or other kinds of dragons that we don't yet have. Yet she hasn't picked up one Mint egg, not one Red Dorsal or one Stone. I think I need to calm down, maybe meditate a little in my statue stage. I just get so flustered! Especially since some hatchlings - yes, hatchlings! - are sometimes flung onto the pile! They're not wanted for some reason. That's how Grass came into the cave; he was abandoned as a hatchling. Here comes the sun. I'd best end this now.
  7. I don't get the joke on the Paper hatchling or Black hatchling (whose code is not Owie)....
  8. Personally the only BSAs I've ever used are Bite and Influence. With the luck I have I just know that starting an Earthquake will kill any eggs I have.
  9. This is a long one, beware. Names I use are not necessarily the people's real names. I was in the library parking lot with my sister (I'll call her Jasmine) and mother (calling her Laura). All of a sudden, we saw a little puppy, a mix of some sort, sitting right there in the parking lot. We said, "Aww!" Suddenly, one of my friends (Sammantha) came out and asked Jasmine, "Oh, cute puppy! Can I buy it?" And then came the librarian, Charlotte, saying, "Aww, what a cute dog! How much are you asking for it?" One by one, people flocked around us, forming a huge crowd. All of them wanted to buy the puppy as if it was ours, and Laura wasn't saying anything, really; just staring into the distance. People were waving money everywhere. Jasmine, in my dreams, is completely diffrent than in real life. She was acting like an auctioneer, increasing the amount people had to bid in order to be on top by $50. Suddenly, her phone rang. She held one hand up for silence, and everyone shut up. Jasmine reached into her pocket and pulled out a black cell phone with a white skull - the Jolly Roger kind - on the cover... completely diffrent than her personality in real life. She opened it and put it on speaker, so only me and Laura could hear. "Hello," said the voice, "this is President Obama. I heard you're selling a puppy. Can I have it?" "For how much?" Jasmine asked. "I'll give you a surfboard," Obama answered. "Deal," Jasmine answered, and hung up. Seconds later, we heard a helicopter flying down. Obama was standing on the edge, holding the door with one hand. He wore sunglasses and a orange T-shirt with green palm trees on it, and blue Hawaiian flower shorts. He had a toothy grin as the crowd below fled. When the helicopter landed, Jasmine approached Obama and gave him the puppy. He gave her the surfboard. Still holding the puppy in one arm, he took off. The end. I've never remembered a dream more clearly than that.
  10. Pff, I have no idea. I'd be randomly guessing if I bet on it.
  11. Cool, thanks! I wonder how the aovC ended up in the Wilderness... its parents are owned....
  12. Yay! Eggs in the Wilderness! I'm so tempted to click them to see their lineage....
  13. Thanks, TJ! I'll have to check out the new RP section....
  14. I just got a White Striped egg! Yay! Does that count as a rare?
  15. I have no rares. Once I saw a White Striped but I was locked. And someone else got it first.
  16. It won't have a "Days Left" thing on its page. Also, if it weren't frozen it'd be on the page where the young dragons supposedly are.
  17. Not just you. At least once a day I get either "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage" or "My SQL Error". Right now it's an SQL Error.
  18. This looks like a super-cool site! Unfortunately I think if I join I'll forget about it in a few months like I did years ago with Dog Realm.
  19. Depends. You can't type in /Wilderness, it has to be http://dragcave.net/wilderness . Strange. And sometimes you can't see any dragons in it.
  20. (Can you please remove me from this RP? I've had a lot of fun and all, but I haven't been on these forums as much lately and every time I return I have no idea what's going on. Just thought I'd congratulate you on how popular this has become.)
  21. Finally, Slaw Sunne's finished his entry! His name means "slow sun", because he's slow and enjoys sunbathing. Note that he's slow physically and... mentally. And by the way, the writing in blue is something I stuck in there. One final note: I had to edit this, so the added parts are in green. Sometime in the warm season That girl Feather or whatever recently got a few eggs for us. Now we have a Skyw... Skyw... well whatever it was. She's an adult. Springan thinks we should name her something like Clud. That sounds dumb to me. We could name her Clowd or something. She wants to name herself. Stubborn. There are three hatchlings as well. One's black with purple fins on its back. One is pink. One is a Spring hatchling. And one's a green egg with pink splotches. It's supposedly one of us. Ha, yeah right. We only have pink on our wings, head, and tail. There are no splotches. Springan Feberis, Gendre, Aprilis, Springan Flur, and Grene are so dumb. That egg is clearly not one of us. Lately the sun's been getting much more hotter outside and I think the hottest season is coming. The girl's really excited. She says she's going to nab a few more "seasonal summer eggs". Frankly I think she should just cool it. She says that these eggs only come out around summertime. There's always next summer. Really, some of the dragons in the cave are super-high-strung. Calm down and watch the little birdies fly by! The Wingsky (right, that's what it's called) also ought to land. It's only fair. She can't just fly all day. And then there's Aquatic Lights, Lacus Dwellan, and Orion's Waterwalker. They's always in the water. Just not Orion. She walks on top of it. They need to come onto land. I've never seen any of them, actually, 'cause they're always in the water or on the water. Springan Feberis says it's 'cause they can't come onto land. I dunno. I think they're too lazy. I met this dragon from the Wilderness the other day. She doesn't have a name but I think she should. I'd name her Bellitat Flor. [it means "beautiful flower".] She's called a Summer Dragon and I think she's the most pretty thing I've ever seen. I don't see many of her kind in the Wilderness. I wrote a little poem for her but I only have one word: Belliat. She deserves more than that. The egg just split. The hatchling hatched. It's a Spring.
  22. I was bored and figured I'd do that. Checked up on my dragons again. Nothing's changed.