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  1. Oh no, did I miss it? I don't see a link to the dilemma on my cave page. (Good thing I got an upside-down in previous years!) [edit] ...ha, never mind, just had to check a biome. Hi, normal mint!
  2. I'm so happy with my final version and its bird tent, spooky river, forest tower, and weird snowman corner. Thank you to everyone who made the event possible!
  3. Just to make really, really, really sure: the first page says the encore will last for four days, until "Jan 4 at 11:59:59 EST". That means we have one more day and the event ends tomorrow night, Friday, at 11:59:59 EST?
  4. This seems to be a different issue from elynne's thread, which discussed the item menu skipping as it scrolled. Mine doesn't skip, the page around it just scrolls down also! Since the start of the game, the entire game page has moved along with the item menu when scrolling down, leaving the menu behind as the screen goes to the bottom of the instructions. The menu also scrolls (at a slower rate), but the page doesn't stay still around it. I've had to scroll down several times (either with the arrow keys or page-down) and then mouse-click on the scroll bar to go back up and see the items, which gets aggravating on long item menus such as Plants. It's not a game-breaking issue, but since we have an extension and new items I thought I should mention it. I'm playing in Chrome, but the same thing happens in Firefox. Help?
  5. I'm half inclined to clear and rebuild my plot over and over again and photoshop the versions together into one big forest. NO, VIK. NO.
  6. Before; after! I'm so happy we'll get time to play with all this. ❤️
  7. I'm gonna put SO MANY BIRDS in my landscape.
  9. That was so much fun; I could noodle around in this for ages more. Now to -- wait, more stuff!? Snow cats? SNOW CHICKENS?? OMG ARE WE GETTING ANOTHER DAY? OMG FOUR DAYS!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  10. Everyone's forts are so incredible. I'm in awe of peoples' creativity with incorporating resource drops and using the scenery for different things. And the hedge mazes!!!!!<3 Really delighted to have the Special statue; that'll help a lot when I don't want to move things around. And the new holiday dragons are amazing!
  11. Is there a place where HP and XP info about the various objects are being collected? I've been doing some experiments (preliminary results: gingerbread is the most XP-efficient type of wall to hit).
  12. Just came back to a whole bunch of new resources, cooldown countdowns, new weapons, and a great reason to keep lobbing snow at people! Thanks, TJ, this update's amazing!
  13. Oh gosh, everyone's forts are so nice! Other than weapons, I'm currently leaving only ice and snow walls in place for now; they're cheap to repair and allow attackers to level up faster. (Thank you SO MUCH for the build-another tool, TJ!) I'm going to let my wood and stone accumulate until the last day or two, and then decide what I want to build when there's enough to experiment with. Any chance of allowing the non-penguin birds to roost on trees and hedges? I'd love to fill my trees with birds once I start planting them.
  14. Guys my fort looks awesome (Refreshing after I took the screencap fixed it right up, but I thought it was funny!)
  15. SNOW WARS! My favorite event is back! Thank you! I love the Amy Pond and Mettaton references in the items. And those hatchlings are gorgeous.
  16. Supporting this! It would be great to have some uninterrupted time to build. I keep running out of stone because of repairs. Alternatively, on the last day players could be given an option to "hide" their fort; a hidden fort could not be attacked or attack anyone else, allowing the player to build with their hourly drops uninterrupted while other players who are more interested in battle can still use that time to fight and be attacked.
  17. Your Forum name: infiniteviking Your Scroll name: infiniteviking The Egg's five digit code: TaY9D Egg type: CB Neotropical (Jungle) Time of Unfog in updated EST: today, 2:25:40 pm Time of Death: 2:28:53 pm Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 1/1/1 Experimental view-bombing appreciated! Edit: Hatched normal at 1,179 / 80 / 5.
  18. Am late to the thread, but HOLY MEGAZORDS WHAT A GREAT RELEASE! I love the sprite diversity and have been cheering about having Power Rangers eggs since they first dropped. Don't quite have all of them yet, but will work on it. And the new features are awesome. Thanks for all that hard work! Groups and raffles and Ward and everything, yay! The extra BSA links on sort-by-BSA are super useful and I can't wait for the badge case. But I'm honestly most excited about the new trophy and egg/hatchling slots. I've wanted an eighth egg slot so badly for years and now it's there! Thank you, TJ and everyone!
  19. ^YEP. Turned 4, turned-and-rejected 2, all in the past two days. Still haven't gotten one killed. Normally I'd get at least two kills to every one turn.
  20. Adding more thanks -- this was a great event!
  21. Omg, THANK YOU for putting Hanukkah items in the game! It's really nice to be included. So far my favorite items are the Cream Window, Pinkglass Table, Hanukkah and Darkblue Sofas, Miscellaneous Plushes, and Yellowshag Rug. But all the different furniture is so cool. One thing I really want to know: will there be bookcases and musical instruments? Can't imagine life without bookcases. Many thanks to the spriters who made all this stuff!
  22. My first dragon grew up in June '09. I'm up to 3,135 now.
  23. Going off the discussion a couple pages ago about CB Gaias trading 1:1 for CB Green Coppers and CB Golds trading 1:2 (or 3) CB Silvers: what's the current CB Silver to Gaia/Green Copper ratio? And: are CB Silvers more in demand than their equivalent in multiple less-rare eggs (coppers, xenos, blusangs, etc)? While there's always hope of randomly having exactly what someone wants for their gold, I usually see CB Golds being traded for either NDs or 2nd-gen prizes. If I want to assemble a really good trade but can't offer either of those things, what should I try to stock up on?
  24. Four experiments on July 1, two at a time. All auto-refresh help is appreciated. First two: Your Forum name: infiniteviking Your Scroll name: infiniteviking The eggs' five digit codes: TM46p, nzLCg Egg types: Royal Blues (both from Alpine) Time of Unfog: 7/1/16, 1:10 and 1:13 pm EST Time of Death: 7/1/16, both 1:19:41 pm EST Amount of V/UV/Clicks before unfogging: 1/1/1 each TM46p hatched normal with 1,176/82/2 stats; nzLCg died normal with 1,080/72/2. Next two: Your Forum name: infiniteviking Your Scroll name: infiniteviking The eggs' five digit codes: 7mxss, 0r216 Egg types: Royal Blue (Alpine), Cassare (Coast) Time of Unfog: 7/1/16, 3:49 and 4:02 pm EST Time of Death: 7/1/16, 3:56:20 and 4:09:18 pm EST Amount of V/UV/Clicks before unfogging: 1/1/1 each 7mxss was unfogged late and died normal with 315/21/1 stats; I killed 0r216 right before the egg was supposed to die and it hatched normal at about 1,095/73/2.