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  1. I LOVE THIS. The new-and-improved sprites make me smile hugely every time I look at my scroll. Sending a giant internet hug to every spriter and everyone who worked on this event -- thank you so much for these much-needed laughs today! :D:D:D Will there be a permanent list of the sprites somewhere, to look back at fondly in later days?
  2. I'm setting up groups for the first time so I'll start with Arsanis that need mates, and edit more in (and look through the other posts here) as I sort them! Current scroll status: egglocked for a day or so but can still breed one thing at a time. Forum name: infiniteviking PM link: here Val 2g/checkers I can breed (leaving out those with other holiday mates for now): Arsanis: two CBs (with anything except prizes or gold); 2g x Red-Finned Tidal (mate growing up); 2g x Storm (mate growing up); 3g x Black checker (egg available); 3g x Daydream checker (egg available); 3g x Silver checker Eradors: two CBs likewise Heartseekers: same two CBs; 2g x Deep Sea; 3g x Gold checker; 4g x Gold checker (mate growing up) Heartstealers: same two CBs Mutamores: same two CBs Radiant Angels: same two CBs; 2g x Red Copper Rosebuds: same two CBs (one from 2018); 3g x Gaia Xeno checker Sakuhanas: same two CBs Soulstones: same two CBs Sweetlings: same CBs (one from 2018); 2g x Almandine with Black Sweetling base; 3g Alt Black checker with Black Sweetling base (egg available) Val '09s: two CBs (from 2018); 2g x Tan Ridgewing Val 2g/checker mates I need (unrelated to the linked ones): Arsani 2g mates: 2g x Celestial (for her), Red Gemshard (for her), Red-Finned Tidal, Storm (thank you!! ) Arsani 3g checkers: Black Tea (for her), Almandine (for her), 3g Striped River (for her), 3g Swallowtail (for her), 3g White (for her) Heartseeker 2g mates: 2g x Albino (for him), 2g x Blusang (for him), four 2g x Gold (for him, him, him, and him), 2g x Magma (for him), 2g x Pink (for him) Heartseeker 3g checkers: Black Tea (for him), Blue Gemshard (for him; egg is fine), Gold (for him), Brown Lunar Herald (for him), Red Nebula (for him; egg is fine), Red-Finned Tidal (for him); Royal Crimson (for him) Higher-gen Heartseekers: 4g x Frill (for him), 4g x Gold (for him), 4g x Red Nebula (for him), Chrono Xeno (for him), 5g x Gold (for him) If anyone needs the test-breed eggs I linked, PM and you can have them free! I'm happy to breed my Vals in any combination; thanks for your patience as I get them all in order.
  3. So THIS is what's going on in the AP (and you're who's responsible for these hilarious salt-pun names I've been seeing). That's some serious dedication to salt! Gonna be fun if a mini hatchie wall shows up in a few days, too.
  4. This was a super fun event. I spent way too much time cooking and it was great to revisit and redecorate some of the old games. (I left my snow fort alone, though; like it too much the way it is!<3) Between the activities and the gorgeous new dragons, I had a great time! Happy belated New Year, everyone!
  5. The red starred recipes are no longer marked with a red star; like regular recipes, they can be discovered by combining the right ingredients or found as one of the five-minute item drops (like the ingredients). There is a list here.
  6. RECIPES AGAIN!!!!! Thank you to everyone who worked on bringing back all our favorite D*C games! The new hatchlings look gorgeous too. I can't wait to collect loads of them next year. Things I've noticed with the event so far: There are some very familiar doors on display. I recognize the TARDIS, Boo's closet door from Monsters Inc., the doors to the mines of Moria (I, Narvi, made them. Celebrimbor of Hollin drew these signs.), that one door on Baker Street, and that very ordinary brick wall. Anyone know the rest? Thanks to everyone who pointed out that doing tree-decorating changes your original tree. Really good to know! Thanks also to everyone who pointed out the unofficial-wiki recipe list for those of us who can't bear to wait for enough ingredients to try things randomly! It appears that all the "red-star" recipes work already even if you haven't found the recipe cards or collected all 17 basic ingredients. Now if you'll all excuse me I finally got the Vegetables and am off to make a Smothered Steak.<3 (Edit: the one thing I wish is that some Hanukkah food could be added, since this release also lands in the middle of Hanukkah. How about: Olive Oil=Fruit+Oven, Latkes=Olive Oil+Vegetables+Eggs+Oven, Sufganiot=Olive Oil+Sweet Dough+Fruit Jam+Oven! That'd be extra work though, and just getting to play the regular game is fantastic. I hope everyone else is having this much fun too.)
  7. I want to donate! infiniteviking / infiniteviking Lists: all! Notes: I like when they're named, but it's not mandatory!
  8. Have: 3rd-gen staircase Gold Tinsel from Green Nebulas (Taken, thank you!) 4th-gen spiral Silver Tinsel from white Lunar Heralds 6th-gen staircase Silver Shimmer-scale from male Purples Looking for: 2nd-gen Boreal from male Shadow Walker (for him or him) 2nd-gen PB female Arcana (for him or him or him) 2nd-gen Gold from female Desipis (for him) Or especially inbred dragons (lineage contains repeats) for freezing!
  9. Have: 3rd-gen Silver from male Silver/Omen Wyrm Looking for: 2nd-gen PB female Arcana (for him or him or him) Or especially inbred dragons (lineage contains repeats) for freezing!
  10. Have: 5th-gen Shimmerkin from Bronze Shimmer-scale/Blue Nebula 5th-gen Shimmerkin from Silver Shimmer-scale/White Lunar Herald (egg is also White LH!) Looking for: any ONE offer for each egg 2nd-gen Boreal from male Shadow Walker (for him or him) 2nd-gen PB female Arcana (for him or him or him) 2nd-gen Gold from female Desipis (for him) OR: a dummy egg that I can drop, if you just really want them!
  11. No zombies for me this year, but I got all but three of the catchable treats and somehow caught a code starting with "PKe"! Happy hunting tonight and tomorrow, everyone!
  12. Oh NO I just missed one whose code started with "Hek". WHYYYYYY. Someone out there got super lucky!
  13. Brb, trying to think of every spooky word that comes up between Kin- and Ko-.......
  14. INVISIBLE MYSTERY EGGS. I got one while they still had no description and it hilariously didn't show up on my scroll at all until a few minutes later. Loving the look now that we can see them!
  15. Oh no, did I miss it? I don't see a link to the dilemma on my cave page. (Good thing I got an upside-down in previous years!) [edit] ...ha, never mind, just had to check a biome. Hi, normal mint!
  16. I'm so happy with my final version and its bird tent, spooky river, forest tower, and weird snowman corner. Thank you to everyone who made the event possible!
  17. Just to make really, really, really sure: the first page says the encore will last for four days, until "Jan 4 at 11:59:59 EST". That means we have one more day and the event ends tomorrow night, Friday, at 11:59:59 EST?
  18. This seems to be a different issue from elynne's thread, which discussed the item menu skipping as it scrolled. Mine doesn't skip, the page around it just scrolls down also! Since the start of the game, the entire game page has moved along with the item menu when scrolling down, leaving the menu behind as the screen goes to the bottom of the instructions. The menu also scrolls (at a slower rate), but the page doesn't stay still around it. I've had to scroll down several times (either with the arrow keys or page-down) and then mouse-click on the scroll bar to go back up and see the items, which gets aggravating on long item menus such as Plants. It's not a game-breaking issue, but since we have an extension and new items I thought I should mention it. I'm playing in Chrome, but the same thing happens in Firefox. Help?
  19. I'm half inclined to clear and rebuild my plot over and over again and photoshop the versions together into one big forest. NO, VIK. NO.
  20. Before; after! I'm so happy we'll get time to play with all this. ❤️
  21. I'm gonna put SO MANY BIRDS in my landscape.
  23. That was so much fun; I could noodle around in this for ages more. Now to -- wait, more stuff!? Snow cats? SNOW CHICKENS?? OMG ARE WE GETTING ANOTHER DAY? OMG FOUR DAYS!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  24. Everyone's forts are so incredible. I'm in awe of peoples' creativity with incorporating resource drops and using the scenery for different things. And the hedge mazes!!!!!<3 Really delighted to have the Special statue; that'll help a lot when I don't want to move things around. And the new holiday dragons are amazing!