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Scroll link! Will sort by breed on request, and happily breed holiday mates for free. PM any time. My Sweetlings are pink, my Snow Angels are white-winged, and my Fool Mints won't get off the ceiling!

Always looking for:
CBs: Gold (egg or M)
CBs and 2g hybrids of these breeds (low-time eggs or hatchies are ideal) 
2nd-gen: Shimmers or certain SAlts

Visually interesting PBs or harmonious multi-breed lineages
Unbreedables: Neglecteds; Chickens; red, green, blue, or purple Dinos
Inbreds for freezing: any hatchies missing from
this group
Inbreds for zombie attempts (low-time eggs or hatchies): Amphipteres, Leviathans, Lindwurms, Wurms, and Wyverns

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    DRAGONS. :)

    I usually sort by date but can switch on request if you want to look for something specific. I have pink Sweetlings, white-winged Snow Angels, and a couple of Fool Mints, but no CB prizes or SAlts. (Someday maybe!) Still looking for my first male gold.

    Valentine Lineage Aid Center post (in progress!):


    Stuff I always want:

    --Common CBs and 2g hybrids of these breeds: https://dragcave.net/group/116787
    --Visually interesting PBs or harmonious multi-breed lineages
    --Any Dino except yellow
    --The rare and elusive 2g shimmer
    --Any Neglected
    --Any freezable inbred hatchlings missing from this group: https://dragcave.net/group/116267

    For personal projects:

    --Red dorsals and tan ridgewings with nothing but dorsals, ridgewings, heartseekers, and frills in their lineage
    --2g nebulas from blue nebula/frill pairings