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Always want:
CBs: Gold (egg or M)
2nd-gen: Shimmer
Inbred hatchies for freezing: sitting alt Black; alt Undine; Xeno; Shimmer; s1 Hellfire; s1 Bluna; Red-Finned Tidal
Inbred hatchies for zombie attempts: any Amphipteres, Leviathans, Lindwurms, Wurms, and Wyverns

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    List of Valentine mates I can breed:

    2nd-gens, including silvers, coppers, blusangs, almandines, etc. from:
    Two CB Radiant Angels
    Two CB Heartseekers
    Two CB Arsanis
    One CB Sweetling
    One CB rosebud

    3rd-gen from my Almandine/Sweetling checker pairing with two [b]alt[/b] Sweetling grandfathers
    3rd-gen from my Heartseeker/Deep Sea checker pairing
    4th-gen from my even Daydream/Arsani checker pairing
    4th-gen from Heartseeker/Gold checker pairing #1
    4th-gen from Heartseeker/Gold checker pairing #2


    Stuff I'm looking for:

    Valentine mates:

    2nd-gen Gold from Gold/Heartseeker (need two)
    2nd-gen Magma from Magma/Heartseeker
    2nd-gen White Stripe from Sweetling/White Stripe
    2nd-gen Sunsong Amphiptere from Sunsong/Radiant Angel (got one but he gendered wrong ;; )
    2nd-gen Pebble from Pebble/Val 09

    3rd-gen even Blue Ridgewing from Blue Ridgewing/Val '09 checker
    3rd-gen even Black Tea from Black Tea/Heartseeker checker

    4th-gen even pink from pink/sweetling checker (doesn't have to be perfect, but just sweetlings and pinks)

    Looking for in general:

    --Common CBs: Candelabra; Harvest; Horse; Imperial Fleshcrowne; Misfit Pygmy; Moonstone (female); Tarantula Hawk (low-time hatchlings especially)
    --The same CB blacks/stripes/trios/metallics everyone else wants~
    --The rare and elusive 2nd-gen shimmer (I can hope)
    --Inbred alt blacks (for freezing)
    --3rd-gen stairstep or spiral tinsels or shimmers
    --Visually interesting single-breed or two-breed lineages
    --Inbred hatchlings (or eggs with under 5d left)

    For personal projects:

    --Red dorsals and tan ridgewings with nothing but dorsals, ridgewings, heartseekers, and frills in their lineage

    --2nd-gen nebulas from blue nebula/frill pairings

    --2nd-gen blacks from marrow/black pairings