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  1. Banned for talking about what number you guys are.
  2. Banned because the banning of a rose lover upon the basis of them loving roses indicates that the banner does not like roses.
  3. Either: I Am Dragon Hear Me Rawrrrr or Elvis Has NOT Left The Building
  4. Banned because I cannot figure out what your avatar is.
  5. I hate it when people don't respond to something you've said and then freak out and get mad when you repeat yourself. I hate it when people try to hug you when you're angry. I'm MAD! DON'T TOUCH ME! Or when someone snaps at you when you're completely innocent.
  6. Banned because there's nothing truly wrong with a sugar high unless you have very little self control...like me.
  7. Banned for not including frosting with your sugar high.
  8. Banned for being a non-anonymous poster claiming to be part of compulsive posters anonymous.
  9. Banned because WALKER'S a MOD?! O.O
  10. Bannd for wanting a game of scrabble.
  11. Banned for having a confusing avatar.
  12. Banned for calling nyan cat a wolf.
  13. Banned for letting her hug a planet.
  14. I agree, this shouldn't be a competition...that would exclude so many people from even having a chance. Some people just do not have decorating things as one of their skills...it would be a poor prize to remind people of what they can't do. If you want a prize later on in the year, you should set up a suggestion for one in the suggestions thread. This is a good way to do it at this time of year, when so many people are busy and don't have the time or skills to compete. Later in the year, during school breaks, would be a better time. Then more people would probably have the time and energy.
  15. While I don't think I'm in the mood for whine, I will take some cheese if you're still offering. Got any feta? And congratulations to the winners! Happy Breeding! I have been curious about one thing...if they do give out tinsels as prizes every year, then in a few years they would cease to be rare. So if they cease to be rare, won't that remove their value as a prize? I'm just curious, that's all...50 people every year getting a tinsel would rapidly accumulate to many people having tinsels...
  16. Banned because I still don't know what a flygon IS.
  17. Banned for failing to quote the assumptions.