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  1. A hush filled the room in which deathwing was resting. A cold chill ran up her spine, as a black mist enveloped her. Shapes floated in and out of the entangling shadows, weeping women, men staring with dead eyes, little children with death in there eyes calling her 'come and play with them.' A murmuring rose out of the mist and surround her her. "One to die to live with us, ONE TO DIE TO LIVE WITH US, ONE TO DIE TO LIVE WITH US .' The chanting rose to a crescendo as a knife hovered above her. Screams, horrible screams echoed in her ears. The knife twisted and spun around her head, sometimes held by a child grinning wickedly at her, sometimes by a horridly distorted figure of a man or woman, dripping blood. Sometimes the knife just hovered by itself, as if by its own voilition. The walls creaked and groad and the windows vibrated, and the whole house came alive, objects fluttering around the room, books flying through the air. The knives and silverware in the drawers shook and rattled in their confinement until all the sound was deafening. Then, silence. A hush, before every piece of furniture, every haunted footstep fell in rythm...*thud* *Thud* *THUD* slowly tapping out in tempo. The figures in the mist lined a passageway as a ghostly, horribly twisted, arms moving and bending at unnatural angles, it's body jolting and falling, and catching itself before it touched the floor, slowly moved towards her. It's eyes gleamed a monstrous red. Deathwing sat there, immobile in her terror. "Soooooon....." Before her stood the hideous creature, its eyes grinning wickedly into her own. In its hand rested a knife. "Please, please..."Said Deathwing. "Don--" Her sentence stopped midword before her head rolled across the floor...severed by a single knife. The mist dissipated, leaving no trace of its presence but the severed head. The body was no where to be found.
  2. Deathwing died when Selriona turned the twilight drakes against Deathwing and used them, and the other aspects to kill her. (HAD to know that was coming.)
  3. Deathwing tried petting the rabbit from mony python and the holy grail. It didn't work out so well for her.
  4. Deathwing died when she saw the numbers for the job market...the cornoners report stated that she died from a massive heart failure.
  5. Deathwing died when the universe imploded. (let's assume that for each time someone has to be killed, they're alive again, eh? It makes it less complicated that way.)
  6. Oh, snap...em...dang...didn't think of that, now did I? Before she died, Deathwing was pulled into the Emerald realm to face the wrath of the Emerald Queen. There, she faced an angry, open eyed Ysera. In wrath, the voice of Ysera thundered out, "Behold, the shattered world breaker! Thousands have died by your hand! Now you shall face the wrath of Ysera!" A green ball of energy formed around Ysera, as her eyes glowed green with rage. Green tongues of fire rolled across the ground, enveloping Deathwing. As she roared in rage, the fire engulfed here eyes, burning them out, before spreading down her body. Wave after wave of green flames rolled away from Ysera, covering Deathwing in agonizing fire. Each wave ripped off another layer of flesh, then muscle, then organs until nothing remained but a smoldering corpse. "The death of the world ender has come to pass," said the green aspect, before she quietly, and peacefully shut her eyes again.
  7. Deathwing died when Ardrea placed a mini remote controlled calculator inside a piece of meat. After Deathwing ate it, Ardrea remodely used the calculator to divide by zero, creating a blackhole within Deathwing's body, which consumed her.
  8. ^whoa....erm... Deathwing died when Ardrea's ghost came back and tore through the room in which Deathwing made her last post. As deathwing screamed in terror, the fatal ghost loomed over her with gleaming red eyes, whispering, "does the blood make you happy, my friend? Shall I spill yours as well upon the carpeted ground?" Slowly, the ghost reache out with the murder weapon used by Deathwing to slay her, and flicked the tip of it across Deathwing's neck. As the the blood spurted out of her, the ghost chuckled in glee. "As I am, so shall you be, as we were, so shall we make others." Slowly, Deathwing's lifeblood stained the carpet as the last sounds she heard were the manical laughs of the ghost, before she breathed her last.
  9. Deathwing died when Ardrea cast a shrinking spell on her and forgot to remove the spell until Deathwing became the size of a fruit fly. She became entangled in a spider's web, and after an epic battle with a spider, she was overcome by its venom and became a shriveled corpse on a spiderweb.
  10. can I pwease have an invite?
  11. Untangle Me ...odd thing for a vine to say I wonder if that's just a ploy to get some lunch.
  12. Banned because the coffee told me to. *holds the coffee close* "Miiine, my own, my precious....."
  13. Goose! Put this in your sig: If the saying when we lie or make a mistake is that we laid an egg, then what on earth did the golden goose keep doing?
  14. Banned for not exploding. (reference to your avatar.)
  15. Banned for banning someone for banning me.
  16. Banned because you haven't ben eaten by deathwing, yet.
  17. Banned because COFFEE seems to work well when you're tired.
  18. Banned for being addicted to moonstones.
  19. Embers....This egg is very hot....my mind goes "RED" and I click it...very annoying.-.-
  20. Banned for having an adorable axolotl for your avatar.