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  1. Winry from Fullmetal alchleminst.
  2. I have heard from a friend that this means that the new orange dragon things will have a useless BSA. Of course, she probably has no clue.
  3. ... Thank god there has not been one about me. Knowing you, bg... Your dreams... *shudders*
  4. ... The fact that I have dreams that often coincide with future events conflicts with... Well... I am not exactly sure what, but... Scientifically, it should not happen.
  5. Um. I think it means you like potatoes, but wwould feel guilty if you stole something.
  6. "You'll never take me alive!" Or "You can't handle the truth!" Or "Now is not the time... to be making enemies" The last one is from Voltaire, my favorite medieval european author
  7. "We who are about to die salute you!"
  8. "You... just... lost... the... game..."
  9. Whales can hold their breath for many minutes whilst diving. If dragions could do the same, it is feasible.
  10. I have noticed something. Many things, when taken out of context, are rather quite humorous indeed. So, if you come across any, post them here.
  11. ooo Hm. I would get one, but I am not sure I want to spend that much. Though IF I did get one, I would have a tough time choosig... I like vines, Neo's Magma, stone, Ice, and of course, Harvests...
  12. Indeed, like my ARK listing! I do not want to delete it, so it takes up room... Then there is that spriting stuff, and the rp stuff... And the game stuff that I may or may not get in the near future...
  13. I would like a bigger inbox. 50 messages sounds like a lot, but when one is, say, running a forum game, it really isn't.
  14. When I was younger, I dreamed I had an army of Pokemon, and I was conquering a city about to be covered in lava because my city was flooding, and I was riding on the back of that orca like Pokemon.... (I think Kyogre?)
  15. Is it jusy me, or are there an awful lot of school dreams?
  16. Hmmm... Well, I dreamed I had 3 pms last night, and I woke up and checked my pms, and I had 3 new pms.
  17. Prachetts books are awesome. Even Robert Asprins Myth series pales in comparison.
  18. The Discworld books are utterly, epically, awesome. I started with thud, but that's just the first one I picked up.