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  1. Got 4 of the Volcano drakes and 2 of the hybrids.
  2. Have: 2g from Bronze shimmer Want: CB offers Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. I'm fine with waiting until Halloween if you guys are. Since this is the second go for pygmies and all. Gotcha! I'll...figure out/ask around for trivia when the common pygmy hatches then
  4. Thank you! That said, I just realized that I'm prolly supposed to hang on until Halloween before I send off the next one, huh? Any preference for which gender Pumpkin? I hope it's okay that I don't plan to change their names...
  5. Hey, I just found this thread today and saw that you guys decided not to do include Pumpkins for the pygmy spiral. I see that you guys're almost done w/ the pygmy spiral (according to the gdoc), but would you all be interested in CB release Pumpkins in the spiral? I have a m/f pair I'd be willing to breed in, whichever's needed, though I'd understand if that's just...a lot of work to re-do/re-coordinate. I've already spoken to pinkgothic about it and they said to bring it to you all, so thoughts?
  6. Man. I'm short by 6. This is the first time I've missed completing it since the first one. *rolls eyes and sighs* Oh, well. Maybe next year.
  7. Have: 3rd gen from PEARL Want: Offers Blue line in sig applies Offer here Thanks~
  8. Could I please have an invite? Y'know, if this isn't an April Fool's joke? Please? :3
  9. (Yeah, sorry about that. I got sick weekend before last and then I was busy this whole week. I'm actually working on some stuff due tomorrow at the moment, between writing replies. X3) Melissa waited until she couldn't see the weird stranger before she shakily got to her feet. Pachirisu and Meowth had clambered up quickly, both bristling and angry that they couldn't fight the stranger who'd scared their trainer. Minccino was gripping the hair on Melissa's head tightly in fear, as his eyes darted around. "That...was really weird," Melissa declared with a shaky voice, eyes still staring in
  10. "Hey! What are you doing?" Melissa called out again, as the Scizor took flight. Meowth and Pachirisu apprehensively took a step back, watching the hovering Pokemon warily. But, when it started buzzing, they could only try to cover their ears with their paws, as they got slammed into the bridge. Melissa and Minccino fell to the ground also, both crying out in shock and unable to get up. "What do you want from us?" Melissa asked again when the figure approached, a plea entering her voice. "We just want to head into town."
  11. Adrian Eldridge  It was a little weird, Adrian mused as he stared into his cup of hot chocolate, how like a dog he had been acting since this entire thing began. At first, he'd brushed it off as primal instinct, but, now that he actually had some time to stop and think, it was obvious. When they'd reached this forest, his first instinct hadn't been to stop and scan his surroundings; it had been to back up and growl. And instead of jumping when the fox barked, he'd wanted to snarl at it! That wasn't even taking into account the fact that he knew his sense of smell and hearing had i
  12. Meowth was still bristling, though she wasn't as mad as she was earlier. Melissa, Minccino, and Pachirisu had calmed down a little, though they still wore wide grins. None of them paid any attention to the approaching buzzing noise until the one who was making the noise landed in front of them with a Metal Claw. Melissa gasped and backpedaled a few steps, Meowth and Pachirisu immediately moving so that they stood between her and the Scizor. "What d'you want?" Melissa called out to the other figure, legs braced to run should it come to that. "And why did you have your Scizor Metal Claw in
  13. I keep seeing the eggs go by, but I never react quick enough to catch them...
  14. Meowth yowled in surprise, leaping up at the feeling of the Poliwag on her back. She quickly spun around with a hiss, demanding what the Poliwag thought it was doing. Melissa burst out laughing at Meowth's reaction and her current offended stance; she hadn't seen her Meowth react that fast to anything else before now. Minccino was grinning widely at the sudden turn of events and Pachirisu's grip weakened as he laughed. Meowth tried to ignore the laughter coming from her useless companions, as her glare told the Poliwag to answer now.
  15. "Hey there, little Poliwag," Melissa said, smiling at it. "We're just crossing this bridge to go on over to the next town. Would you like to follow?" Behind her head and on her shoulder, Minccino and Pachirisu cocked their heads curiously at the Poliwag, before Minccino faced forward again and urged Melissa to continue on. Meowth went up to the Poliwag and started sniffing it, letting out a "Me-owth" and then walking back to Melissa.
  16. The small group walked past a house, but Melissa only gave it a brief glance; her Pokemon were still rather well-rested, and she felt no need to investigate the building. Instead, she continued on towards the river's shore. On her head, Minccino glanced around excitedly, having regained his cheerful demeanor once the Delcatty was out of sight. Pachirisu hung onto her shoulder, content just to watch the scenery pass by. Meowth trotted along behind her, pausing to listen for sounds and investigate noises. They reached the bridge and were passing over it when all three of the Pokemon perked up. M
  17. Once the Delcatty had turned its back, Melissa let out a sigh of relief. At least they hadn't made it too mad doing...whatever it was they had done to make it mad in the first place. Minccino peeked out from behind her head and began chattering again, while Meowth kept glancing back to make sure the other cat wouldn't follow them. Pachirisu waited until the Delcatty was almost gone, before he decided to stick his tongue out at it, not liking the way the other Pokemon had acted around his trainer. Melissa sighed and gently turned his head back to the front muttering, "It's fine, Pachirisu; let
  18. Hesitantly, Melissa passed by the Delcatty, glancing warily at it after every few steps. Minccino cowered behind her head, while Meowth made sure to keep her trainer between her and the other cat. Pachirisu continued to watch the Delcatty, his glare turning into a wary stare instead. All four of them were on edge, not wanting to provoke the aggressive Pokemon, but also wanting to pass by it quickly; they were also a little worried about it being behind them, when they would finally pass it. They were almost passed the Pokemon by this time, so Melissa felt a little bit safer about talking to it
  19. Melissa took a step back at the Delcatty's Growl, glancing towards her Pokemon. Why was it so aggressive? Minccino had hid behind Melissa's head as soon as the Delcatty jumped out, while Pachirisu was glaring at it in return. Meowth had stumbled back when it left the bushes, but then she stood her ground, warily watching the Delcatty. Melissa decided to just try to go around it, as she didn't know if her Pokemon would be able to beat it. As she began inching her way down the path, giving the Delcatty a huge berth, she called out to it, "Sorry if we disturbed you. We're just passing through and
  20. "Awesome," Melissa said, as she picked up the Ultra Ball and put it away. "Thanks Pachirisu!" She told the Pokemon sitting on her shoulder. On her head, Minccino tapped her head, complaining. "Mincciiiiino." "Alright, alright," Melissa laughed, "I'm going. Let's see what's over in the next route." And she walked out of the forest. -Route 3- Blinking at the sudden brightness, Melissa slowed her walk until her eyes adjusted to the light, before speeding up again. She could feel Minccino looking around excitedly, while Pachirisu calmly surveyed the area. Meowth bounded ahead, making sur
  21. Trainer: Melissa Eversmith Currently At: Greenwood Forest Item Found: Ultra Ball Total Items: ∞ Pokeball, TM 18-Rain Dance, Ultra Ball
  22. With a laugh, Melissa walked in the other direction, towards the next route. "Sorry Minccino but that way's backwards for us. We're going on to the next route." Meowth plodded along next to them, glancing curiously at the bushes when they rustled and at the birds as they chirped. "That reminds me..." Melissa released Pachirisu, who immediately ran up to Melissa's left shoulder and called a hello to the Minccino. They walked for a bit, Melissa chatting away happily and her Pokemon doing whatever they wanted to do, though they stuck close to her. Just as they were reaching the other end of
  23. Adrian Eldridge  Adrian had drifted into a half-conscious sort of state: he could hear what people were saying around him, but he couldn't muster up the energy to do anything about it. Even when the lights went out, all he could do was listen as they spoke a little more, but it was only when they started moving that he could finally force himself to move. It was a struggle just to get up. His legs felt shaky and they burned when he stood; he even got those little bursts of light as he finally stood up, though he was leaning heavily on the cold, stone wall. By the time he could con
  24. Mark Soliandra  Mark was definitely relieved when they began walking again, though he couldn't see a single thing. It meant that they would be finding Breckin some help soon and, from the way the other guy hadn't moved since being brought over, he would need as much help as he could get. It would also get them away from the group of demons currently invading the mansion and, hopefully, they could find somewhere to rest and prepare for whatever comes next. He listened carefully and tried to count the number of people passing him, trying not to think of the ones who hadn't made it h
  25. Caught a Pokemon without battling it. Trainer: Melissa Eversmith Currently At: Greenwood Forest Your Party Pokemon: Pachirisu/male/14 Meowth/female/12 Lotad/male/10 Rotom/none/8 Taillow/female/9 Minccino/male/6 PC Pokemon: (will be placed in 'PC' when reaching town)Sentret/female/11Items: ∞ Pokeball, Blue Scarf, TM 18-Rain Dance Other: none