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  1. PMing Bankotsu Mentoring wouldn't be the right word here, as it is just language help with a specific problem, but we are exchanging PMs.
  2. Both "en recuerdo de" and "en memoria de" are correct. There may be a subtle difference, but they're both used interchangeably here (Spain). Which one is more common may depend on the country though. Names of months are written without caps. The dates are otherwise correct though.
  3. Have you heard of Goodreads? It's a social media site/forum/book review site. There are some groups for authors and they are welcomed to promote their books in many other groups as well. I thought that there weren't many readers in Spain either, especially Fantasy (I live there too), but I've found lots of people online who are either from Spain or from Spanish-speaking countries and love books. If you are interested, I can PM you the link to a Spanish Fantasy book forum. There used to be a really big forum, but the site disappeared and this smaller forum was created.
  4. @purplehaze: If language is a problem for Flopope, I can speak French. I'm not as fluent in French as I am in English, but I can have an average conversation in it. MinkishMinx can be considered graduated.
  5. I wouldn't suggest doing anything other than listening to music and maybe an audiobook if you can concentrate on driving while listening to an audiobook. Make sure that whatever you choose is a) safe and not illegal. Operating any device, including a GPS and a mobile phone, is illegal in some countries unless you have parked your car.
  6. PMing Verdance. Had forgotten to edit: Now mentoring Verdance.
  7. I'm in the higher areas and the drop rate is not that high either. I only got about four chests today.
  8. I'm guessing that the little person is Tyrion and not one of the younger Stark kids. If it is him, then the red one with the golden lion (House Lannister). If the blonde lady is Cersei, then it's the same house. If your friend means the lady with the very pale blonde hair (the one that has three dragons), then it's the black beanie with the three-headed red dragon (House Targaryen). I hope this helps you.
  9. No, that would be a huge task Many people name their Gen 1 something like Genone, so that they stand out among the other dragons. You need at least two parameters to search for dragons, which can be name and breed. I mean in the search option. Click on the dragons and you can buy them directly from their pages if they're in the AH.
  10. When they were released, a lot, but I've bought a couple of nice Gen 1s for 10-15 k treasure. I've also seen them for a lot more. I don't usually trade through the forums though, so these are just AH prices. Edit: I see that the lowest prices are about 30 k treasure now. The highest that I've found with a quick search was around 1 k gems. Then there's everything in between.
  11. Both Gallifrey being destroyed in the Time War and then not being destroyed after all are 21st century ideas. Or are you talking about something different? As much as I prefer that shows keep continuity, it would be very difficult for a show about time travel to last long enough without any flaws in that area. This might be a strange question, but did the first Doctor who arrived at the castle run around naked? The rooms reset themselves, but how could the mysterious castle owner have known that the Doctor was going to jump from the window and therefore need dry clothes? Also, those clothes were next to a fire, so I suppose that they were originally wet.
  12. About the hybrid, he may not even be talking about himself. He says 'me', but it could also be 'Me'. She is referred to as a hybrid and a possible tidal wave when he makes her immortal. I hope they explain where Gallifrey is, because (spoilers for the next week's sneak peek) the Sisterhood of Karn managed to get there too, so it must be possible to reach the planet in a more normal way than the Doctor's.
  13. I want this! I only need to convince my family that a 60 € toy is a great Christmas present even if I'm not a child anymore I like Clara, but her dieing is the best end for the character. Finding a good reason for her to leave the TARDIS would have been very difficult in just two episodes. The only other realistic possibility would have been the Doctor leaving her for her own safety. The writers wrote the character in a way that she didn't have a good reason to quit travelling, especially seeing as she already had an everyday life that wasn't hindering her hobby.
  14. I didn't like the wobbly camera either. I find it very distracting, especially when I'm watching the show on a small screen. Also, I didn't like the complete lack of ending. I don't mind open endings or intentionally unexplained situations, but I don't think it worked that well this time. I suppose that the idea might have been that the monsters won. However, the Doctor says that they're going to Triton to fix the problem, so the creepiness of the last video is lost. I've loved the rest of this series so far though.
  15. I tried to breed a mate for your SW, but didn't get any eggs this week. I can try them again next week if you don't get an ice by then. I'm aware that this is a very difficult request, but I would love to find a mate for him before Christmas. I can trade whatever I can breed for it.
  16. My favourite is chess. I'd love to try go, but I don't know anyone who plays. Cluedo, Trivial and Monopoly are awesome too.
  17. Free PB Thuwed - Would love to know who gets it.
  18. PMing MinkishMinx. Now mentoring MinkishMinx.
  19. I don't think he was protecting her from the place, but from himself, trying to avoid a situation where he might do something that he would regret later. I liked Missy much more in these two episodes than last season, but I hope that she doesn't appear again until the last few episodes. I would get very tired of her if they made her a big recurring character for the whole season.
  20. I don't even know if I'll have enough time, but if plan number one doesn't work (a supernatural murder investigation that takes place in my town, which saves a lot of research time, because I know my town), I'll write some Lost fanficion.
  21. PMing Yatalu. Now mentoring Yatalu. The person who had deleted their post had figured out the game, so they didn't need a mentor anymore.
  22. What do you need? I don't have many unconverted plants, but I can send you anything else.
  23. Sorry for the double post, but the last one was in June. I'm starting a new lineage with Spirit Wars x Skywings. The quote will be decided later, maybe once the new episodes start.
  24. A couple of Thuweds: http://dragcave.net/lineage/FgMIu - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! http://dragcave.net/lineage/7FoV2 - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! http://dragcave.net/lineage/4nZiP - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! http://dragcave.net/lineage/arQi8 - Claim my eggs/hatchlings! I'd love to know where they go.