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  1. The progeny tool works great, but I had some problems with the site a few hours after the new release (around 3 AM EST). Even with images and java script turned off and ads blocked, there were a few times where I would click a mystery egg and the site would just stop loading and freeze completely or take two or three clicks just to show that the egg was taken by someone else. I still managed to catch both new releases; however, I hope that this isn't a major problem for those with even less reliable internet.


    I have to get my hands on some pink, stretchy material for my sweetling-Not sure what to use for the feather areas though. Maybe just pink feathers?

    Perhaps faux fur trim. True, it's not very feathery, but it's bound to last longer.

  3. Yeah, I'm horrible at drawing the simplest of things. Do you have any roccomendations on felt? I looked around and saw places to buy it but this one store that was recommended on someones DA was only sold in large quantities for a high price.

    I lurk in this thread from time to time as I would sincerely love a Sweetling hatchling, but anyway, xoDillonxo, I would suggest going to AC Moore or Michael's or Jo Anne Fabrics and checking out their clearance areas. Jo Anne has large amounts of bundled clearance fabric for low prices. It's also good to head on over to the quilting sections as they sell several swatches of fabric packaged together.

  4. so how many hours do we have left to get all them? cuz we all livei n diff time zones...o.o i'm in florida.

    Me too! But anyway, our time zone is EST, so I'm assuming it will end on Tuesday....giving people a little over 31 more hours to hunt for Easter Eggs. That's assuming my math is correct. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm horribly wrong.


    (8 eggs to go)

  5. Now its the waiting game for the adult stage.ninja.gif

    So true.... And my nebula and hellfire should hatch very early tomorrow morning. :3 Too bad my Sunsong is the only one without a hole.