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  1. I am also wondering about the pickle-looking object tongue.gif


    I am glad others noticed and are asking about it.



    I like the green ornaments. I just wish they stood out against the tree a little more. They really blend in. I also wish some of the birds faced the right. But eh, I still like them.

  2. Yay, green eggs! I hope the dragons are green, too! I like the description. Quite festive. Looking forward to the 12 Days of Christmas and decorating event as well.


    Thanks again TJ and spriters for making the holiday awesome. Merry Christmas!



  3. INFERNO LIQUID NEOS has no moves left!




    INFERNO LIQUID NEOS is hit with recoil!



    Got this after I CTRL + F5'd the page that said:



    But nothing happened!


    Anyone else got this?



    I am also trying to get a badge with only one goldfish xd.png

    I also got this. Still no badge though. Gotta keep trying.

  4. If I wanted to teleport more than one egg or use the function more than once, would I need more than one magi dragon to be able to do so? Or is one on my scroll sufficient?


    Sorry if this was asked already...I tried looking for a similar question in the thread, but couldn't find it.

  5. Awwww! I dashed to the First Post to take a look at TJ's draggies and there they were - GONE! Drat what's going on? We're just gonna hafta WAIT????? arg!

    They're not gone. It's probably taking a little longer for them to load since they're getting lots of views. The same thing happened to me when they first hatched. I thought they were gone then, too.

  6. I'm sad that I'll probably be leaving for work right when these grow up. But, on the bright side, one of mine has gendered. Now I just need to see if the influence worked for the other hatchie too.


    EDIT: Influence worked. I now successfully have a male and female.

  7. I can't wait for the next event at this rate xd.png.

    Is it normal that my egg barely has any crack despite being 4days, 4hrs?

    It seems pretty normal for this batch. Mine had about 600 or so views and practically no crack at all at 4d4h despite being placed in a number of fan sites. Don't worry, they should have no trouble hatching though.


    Also, question, did TJ's hatchlings gain time? Last I looked at them, they were at 5d11h and now they're somewhere around 5d13h. Or am I just imagining times?

  8. Man, I'm so behind! Studying for midterms and all that.


    How long is it between Trick or Treats?


    I still haven't gotten a pumpkin either, and I missed them last year as well! I really need to get moving here.

    Somewhere between 10-15 minutes between each Trick or Treat drop. And if you sign up for the Halloween Gifting Center, you may be able to be gifted a pumpkin if you are unable to catch one.

  9. It's a shame I can't send someone the fabric and have them make a plush. I have yards of unused red and tan doe suede fabric (as well as a ton of other fabrics) that are just sitting around.