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  1. I'm sad that I'll probably be leaving for work right when these grow up. But, on the bright side, one of mine has gendered. Now I just need to see if the influence worked for the other hatchie too.


    EDIT: Influence worked. I now successfully have a male and female.

  2. I can't wait for the next event at this rate xd.png.

    Is it normal that my egg barely has any crack despite being 4days, 4hrs?

    It seems pretty normal for this batch. Mine had about 600 or so views and practically no crack at all at 4d4h despite being placed in a number of fan sites. Don't worry, they should have no trouble hatching though.


    Also, question, did TJ's hatchlings gain time? Last I looked at them, they were at 5d11h and now they're somewhere around 5d13h. Or am I just imagining times?

  3. Man, I'm so behind! Studying for midterms and all that.


    How long is it between Trick or Treats?


    I still haven't gotten a pumpkin either, and I missed them last year as well! I really need to get moving here.

    Somewhere between 10-15 minutes between each Trick or Treat drop. And if you sign up for the Halloween Gifting Center, you may be able to be gifted a pumpkin if you are unable to catch one.

  4. It's a shame I can't send someone the fabric and have them make a plush. I have yards of unused red and tan doe suede fabric (as well as a ton of other fabrics) that are just sitting around.

  5. The progeny tool works great, but I had some problems with the site a few hours after the new release (around 3 AM EST). Even with images and java script turned off and ads blocked, there were a few times where I would click a mystery egg and the site would just stop loading and freeze completely or take two or three clicks just to show that the egg was taken by someone else. I still managed to catch both new releases; however, I hope that this isn't a major problem for those with even less reliable internet.


    I have to get my hands on some pink, stretchy material for my sweetling-Not sure what to use for the feather areas though. Maybe just pink feathers?

    Perhaps faux fur trim. True, it's not very feathery, but it's bound to last longer.

  7. Yeah, I'm horrible at drawing the simplest of things. Do you have any roccomendations on felt? I looked around and saw places to buy it but this one store that was recommended on someones DA was only sold in large quantities for a high price.

    I lurk in this thread from time to time as I would sincerely love a Sweetling hatchling, but anyway, xoDillonxo, I would suggest going to AC Moore or Michael's or Jo Anne Fabrics and checking out their clearance areas. Jo Anne has large amounts of bundled clearance fabric for low prices. It's also good to head on over to the quilting sections as they sell several swatches of fabric packaged together.