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  1. 8 hours ago, Shadowdrake said:

    What breeds are they? If you're trying to do them completely solo with no catcher, most breeds will be extremely difficult, perhaps even impossible for normal players to get to turn without hatching and then hatch them once they do turn. There are a few stubborn breeds that match up with neglected stubbornness and is theoretically possible (I've heard at least one person managed a solo with a brimstone) but it would be a delicate balancing act to not hatch it until it turns and still likely to die if it turns late.

    I have a skysilk and tercorn. They're at 18 hours right now and I plan to try and get help, but I was mostly wondering if it would be worth it to try with those breeds.

  2. 9 hours ago, coo_ said:

    Congrats all winners!!~

    Hang in there y'all, October shall bring us a treat of a prize for us all. Or, ya know, a trick. One of those.

    Trick prizes are pumpkin spice flavored.

  3. I saved and saved and finally reached 3600 shards to buy a gold.  I went to the market to buy it two minutes later and golds now cost 3700 shards. Sigh. All I want is another CB female gold. 


    Edit: Looks like the price went back down and I was able to get one. Now to start saving for next year.