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  1. 48 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    If the limit were to be lifted, I'd suggest they *also* drop more often. Like, at least Chicken rarity or somesuch, plus Market availability (Chickens and Dinos can be bought there as well, after all).

    Also mostly neutral, but I don't mind it being handled like this. It took me years to get my first one. 

  2. 12 hours ago, Natayah said:

    I would agree with this. I sometimes forget to breed mine, breed them to the AP when I remember, or donate them to various raffles when I remember and it is on theme. If you want to do it sooner rather than later, maybe at first a separate Thuwed vs Spriters Alts just because there is a Spriters Alt Raffle that happens, and perhaps if we combo the next date is for the Next Spriter's Alt Raffle is, and have everyone breed anything that would fall outside of that, and/or overlay their time periods so they can make their "donation" breedings, and then just breed everything else to the AP.


    I think Rosa would probably be happy to potentially partner up on this because she sometimes get almost close to too many donations on Spriters Alts donations and has to tighten the restrictions at times, so it might be more fun for everyone if they had a day where they could donate to a raffle, and also breed all their other nice spriters alts lines and either FFA/Two Way Teleport Gift to Forums, Breed to AP, etc. And Thuwed would be just as valid to throw in at the same time as those as you want. I just don't remember the timing for her next raffle!

    If I do them, I'll probably do them separately since people are often looking for different things and need time to plan.