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  1. 1 minute ago, Sextonator said:

    You also should be considering people with dyslexia, or disabled people, or people without proper access to a keyboard. I’m mobile, so a lot of my posting is with my phone, and it can take 10+ minutes to type out a response, and not everyone has that kind of time.


    And I have faith that the vast majority of the Userbase is mature enough to properly use a react feature, and those that abuse it are very few.

    Please don't assume who we're considering when we post. I'm primarily on mobile/visually impaired and learning differenced if that matters. I also work a full-time job. Adding reactions may make a small difference, but there's no way it's going to improve forum usability by leaps and bounds.

  2. This is me fence sitting months later.


    However, emojis absolutely should not be used for gathering data. On YouTube, likes and dislikes contribute to getting your material seen. Same with Twitter kind-of. I'm on several discord servers and emoji use does not contribute to the conversation in any meaningful way (outside of indicating that you took something/a dragon is no longer available). Most times they're used as pretty punctuation. 


    An artist friend posts art that is sparkly. So, I stick a sparkle under it.


    Delicious food picture? Banana emoji.


    Lineage with a horse dragon? Horse emoji. Or pizza emoji. Or cloud. Y'all know I don't care.


    Also, I have absolutely seen people put cry face/upset emojis on the DC discord in connection with not getting a dragon they wanted. Or use memes to one-up people they sniped. These are negative reactions.


    Sure, emojis can be great for social reasons, but they're not a necessity in the least. 

  3. 7 hours ago, DaniBoo said:

    I have a couple thuweds to breed, would you mind adding me to the reminder list? :)

    Added. :)


    7 hours ago, TCA said:

    Remind me and I'll breed 3Gs from my entire 2G altkin group, 3Gs from all my 2G Thuweds, and one (1) 2G altkin.

    I've added you to the list for reminders. :)

  4. 6 hours ago, BlueLatios said:

    I forgot I had posted here before XD

    Yess a reminder is important!

    Good thing you're on the list! 😅

    5 hours ago, PrincessLucy said:

    Please add me to the reminder list. I have a couple of pretty Thuweds to breed. Thank uoi.


  5. On 11/12/2019 at 10:49 PM, LadyLyzar said:
    • Add extra egg slots for bred or AP'ed eggs
    • Incentives for raising AP eggs (raffles, etc)

    Oop. Forgot to chime in about these.


    Extra slot. On the fence. Didn't we have this once and it got removed? Anyway, I think it could give some players an unnecessary advantage over those who don't collect AP eggs or people with lower trophy levels and I don't know that we need any more disparity. Imagine what I, a gold trophy user, could do during a holiday with 8 egg slots plus extra AP slots. Just something to think about.


    Incentives. I don't know that this would help? We already have picking up bred things as a raffle requirement and lots of users host their own lottos and raffles with great prizes. Also, it sort of forces people to participate if they want a prize. 

  6. On 11/12/2019 at 10:49 PM, LadyLyzar said:
    • Do nothing. 
    • Limit breeding per scroll. 
    • Limit the number of eggs one breeder has displayed. 
    • Limit the amount of eggs of one breed being displayed. 
    • A way to filter what you see in the AP.
    • Paginate the AP
    • Split the AP into biomes

    I skimmed the thread so here's my 2 cents.


    1. Do nothing. Preferable, but not opposed to changes in the best interest of game play.

    2. Limit scroll breeding. No. When I do massbreeding, I try to do as many as possible in a sitting. It's already tedious. I don't need additional constraints beyond what we have now (no egg, refusal, etc.)

    3.  Limit egg number. I'd be ok as long as it was something more than three eggs. Four is the lowest I'd go (like a holiday clutch).

    4. Limit egg breed. Meh. We can't always control what breed we get (unless it's purebred) and some good lines could get lost behind the limit.

    5. AP filter. I'd be ok as long as we could prevent cherry picking for rares/special lineages.

    6. Paginate AP. I'd be ok with this and the idea of a floating AP that appears when we go over a certain amount of eggs.

    7. Biome AP. Also ok as long as there as each "biome" has 30 egg slots.

  7. 15 hours ago, tjekan said:



    A separate Gift biome would work, but then we couldn't gift the new eggs... also, it would be fun to be able to gift extra CB eggs we found in the AP.


    Oh! I didn't mean an actual biome. I meant to put gift or cave where it says where the dragon came from on its page. Sorry about that.

  8. This sounds cute. I'd suggest a biome of cave or gift so they could be distinguished from the other CB dragons. 


    I also think they should be non-tradeable once they are on a giftee's scroll. 

  9. 43 minutes ago, wobster109 said:



    How about if lots of people don't like it? That's been reason to change things in the past. The same reasoning can be said for breeding: "people can do other things than breed". It's all a balancing act. How many people want to breed thousands of the same thing? How many people want to AP hunt? I think 100 is a good balancing point. People who want to breed a lot can still do that, and people who want to hunt won't be stuck for as long.

    The "I" was referring to the general sentiment of everyone who asks for breeding caps. We've already had multiclutches taken away and pairs can always refuse or just not give an egg. We have enough in-game options to limit breeding. We also had people who were very upset when the "void glitch" happened and eggs from mass breeds were showing up days later. There's no way to keep everyone happy, but taking things away is not the way to go.  100 seems too small a number as people who do this do it in the hundreds. 

  10. I find the AP to be limiting right now, but no. Like others, I could theoretically breed hundreds of desirable things to the AP right now, but I won't. Breeding is subjective and the walls pass. There's no reason to limit outside of "I don't like it." People can do other things than AP hunt if they don't like what's currently in the AP. It's an abandoned page, not a "specific things go here" page.

  11. 25 minutes ago, Fiona said:

    I bred most of my Shadow Walkers late on Halloween day. I'm sure they're all through the AP now, but I hope some people got a nice surprise.



    I haven't seen any of yours, but I wanted to say thank you to you and all the spriters who do surprise breeding at the end. I don't always catch them, but I really appreciate it all the same.

  12. I think I support continuous drops with no breaks for holidays above all, but I would not mind a two-day drop.


    Although, honestly, people also now have the yearly CB holiday biome to look forward to and that drops for a week. There is always next year to get your CB dragons that you missed if you don't want to trade/rely on the generosity of others/AP hunt. 

  13. 5 hours ago, Bamboomonkey said:

    Sooo there wont be any hatchies before they all start to show up at once?


    Stalking the AP now, even though I'm egg-locked... :P

    There have been some Halloween hatchies, but not a lot of them.