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"Photoshop may be easy to use, but Paint.Net is for the real professionals." ~<320jh2q.gif My apologies for any bad grammar in my post(s), as I do not have time to check them over.dcblack_siggiehatchlingSIGNATURESIZE.png Oh, you silly hatchling, do allow them to look.

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    This is not important and furthermore, revealing such would not help either one of us, now would it?
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    Well, I simply adore the Metal Gear (Solid) series, the LittleBigPlanet series, foxes, G.I.R. (the cartoony little robot), C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien's books (i.e. tLtWatW, The Twin Towers), anvil snakes, rodents, hares, slightly dark or less kid appropriate themes, the freezing winter air.

    If you would like a list of things I terribly hate/I can handle, contact me. Oh, I shalln't bite.. too hard.

    Pointless information people would like to know anyway:

    *͙͙͙͙Does breed dragons on request (as long as you don't use chat speak to refer to anything; i.e. ey wud liek sum spitfaiyahz plz)

    *Isn't a good spriter, but may provide you with a dragon sketch or two if necessary
    **Only if given credit for the image in the post/signature/wherever you are using it, with a single exception of dragon creations used on this site.

    *No, you may not steal any works used in my signature or my avatar, they are my property, as I, myself, have drawn them. Trust me, I'll find you if you /do/ attempt to do such a foolish thing.