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  1. I'm half interested btu never had anyone to explain to me the race, character, and class set up and wether the game was more aciton rpg, like you do the atackign and control the swings, or more rpg.
  2. I was a heavy ac player back when i got my DS. it was the second game I bought, then my ds broke, I got a seconde one, still playerd, had the museum nearly perfect, and then I let a friend play... they hacked it and completed the museum, so I never got my mini museum lol. I made sure I knew that game inside and outside, from the feng shui factor, to the House Inspections, even golden tools and a row of money trees. Now I don't even ahve the cart, it went missing livign with soem room mates so, I geuss I'll ahve to start back at square one.
  3. Boktai 1, 2, and 3. On a GBA SP . I was happily maiming SEED with my Lance of Loginus and my pLugsuit outfit... until my psp's screen busted so I'm out on the modern day games for a while lol, the only thing I have left outside of that is an NES, a Dreamcast, btu currently, due to weather constraints, Boktai is best played in summer in washington.
  4. Over rated. Like Final Fantasy VII. Fun but over rated and not nearly worth the hype the fanboys/girls give it.
  5. OMG I love them. since I first saw them in FFIV I've loved them. Even the theme song, I just wish I could find or make a ring tone from it
  6. I enjoy them, I've played them since I could read. Starting with IV then VI. My favorite would have to be a tie between 6, 4, and 5. 7 was fun but over rated, and now it seems anything with FFVII within its name will sell easily.