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  1. Oooooh. Yup, that would be my issue then. I just kinda assumed they were in the Holiday one! Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Wow they are sure hard to find. Guess I'll hope I can find mine later today when more people have their 2. Kinda wishing they werent mixed in with all the other ones. =(
  3. I am so sad! I cant beleive I forgot to come here yesterday and snag the new dragon! Well, at least I can grab caveborns of it next year, but it's quite a bummer, those hatchlings look amazing as heck so far. T-T
  4. The Carinas are gorgeous! Although they look more like they would be Falconiform X Nebula rather than Ridgewing x Nebula. X3
  5. Thanks so much for the info! Since I only have a few CB ridgewings, I think I'll wait to breed these on my birthday. I appreciate the info so much. ;3
  6. OMG YAY! New dragons! And my birthday is coming up! Maybe I can snag some of these on my birthday too! Edit: Can anyone tell me the egg description for the starry dragons? I can't seem to figure out what I should be looking for. Also, nvm, I'm seeing that they seem ot be hybrids. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Aww darnit! I missed this release somehow! Gotta hope i can find these eventually. =(
  8. Ooooooh my! These new forums look really nice and super clean and official looking. I like them! =3
  9. They are breed only. They don't drop in the biomes. They are obtained by breeding Crimson Pygmy and Nillia Pygmy and then Sunrise/Sunset Dragons with Sunsong Ampitheres.
  10. Has anyone else noticed the Sinomorph kinda looks like Bahamut from Final Fantasy? Kinda funny for the pwer ranger dragons to summon a Final Fantasy summon, but still cool.
  11. Welp a bunch of my hatchies finally grew up and I successfully summoned a Male and Female Sinomorph in quick succession to each other. So it looks like we can definitely get one Sinomoprh for each set of Zyus that we get. =)
  12. Okay so I think my favorites are Pinks and Whites here, but omg all of the adults look so good! I'm glad I've been able to collect pairs of each one already since they're getting really difficult to obtain!
  13. Yes! Blue is finally here! It looks so good too! How do I pick a favorite among these?
  14. OMG these look sooo damn good! Can't wait for blue and yellow to catch up!
  15. Ahh alrighty. Well thanks for that info. I wasn't exactly sure how they worked so it's good to know that now. =)
  16. Ahh okay. I just now TJ's eggs and hatchlings hatch and grow faster so I wasn't sure if we'd see it sooner than normal or not.
  17. When do we normally get to see adults from TJ? Do we still have to wait another day or will it be sometime tonight?
  18. DUDE those hatchlings look so cool! I bet the adults are going to look sick as heck! I can't wait to see these guys grow up! <3
  19. Yep, SockPuppetStrangler is right. The new Platinum trophy gives us an 8th slot which is really useful and nice. <3
  20. Welp I managed to catch pairs of 4 of the 6 new dragons. Looks like I'll have to wait till these hatch before I can try to obtain pairs of the last 2.
  21. I couldn't resist! I really want to continue this lineage! <3
  22. That's lovely! I will take good care of it. <3
  23. I couldn't resist, so I took this one home. <3