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  1. I was specifically addressing other Christians when I posted. I did not expect my argument to be valid for nonbelievers and those who believe it should be totally separate from government. On the subject of Paul's letters: I was debating whether or not I should as I was posting, but I probably should have stated up-front that I was basing my argument on the dogma that the Bible in its entirety is the inerrant, God-breathed scripture, in which every word was written by God through man. I believe Paul was just a man, but God used him and all other authors like a pen (for lack of a better a
  2. *Note that I am a Christian* Based on scripture, Romans 1 says this: The context is describing the progression of the ravages of sin. Based on the way Paul describes "men...consumed with passion for one another", it sounds like the Bible is calling homosexuality a sin. However, I gleaned this from a personal study of the chapter last month, so if my interpretation of Romans 1 is wrong, please do tell me how and explain what it really means. Anyway, based on what I found, scripture says it's a sin. It also says this in Romans 6: So, we, who are dead to sin, should w
  3. Turp x Albino=Turp egg I know my albinos breed like rabbits, so no surprise for me there.
  4. @satyr76- From my experience with corn snakes, a similar popular and common North American harmless snake in the pet trade, it would probably cost around $35-50. Adjusted up for lower supply and demand than the corn snake. You could also get it free if you live in the southern half of the U.S. and know someone with a grassy field with rocks/junk lying around. @Ruins- I think it's an eye cold based on what I know from a friend of mine who had it. But definitely see a doctor for that.
  5. My geode hatchie's grandfather is a "fast one". FA5t1
  6. Yes, Got my one! Those eggs were going really fast. Usually I catch them faster...
  7. You could bring him along in the car nested in a towel on your lap if your folks will allow it. If he gets really freaked out still, I know covering an animal in a comfortable place and keeping it from seeing helps calm it down. When one or both of you get tired of the rat in a towel situation, he can go into his normal cage (assuming its pretty small), which would be with the people , if possible. Also, right after you move, keep his cage as familiar as possible and keep it in your room. Don't ever allow the cat in there (even the cat's smell might make the rat more stressed than it already w
  8. Actually, to be honest, yours is probably my favorite of all the other ones submitted so far. It's very elegant and it seems to be intentionally so. Mine was intentionally chaotic and eccentric, so that's why yours may seem a bit plain at first when compared to it. As far as my personal preferences are concerned, no style is better than another. I believe execution of the underlying concepts is what makes or breaks a work of art.
  9. Hm, nice! I'll go make one nao... EDIT: Done! E2: Credits: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6-
  10. I think my want list has changed a bit since posting the topic. Now, for new cars, an Aston Martin DBX, or the new Dodge Viper. I don't like any of the new practical cars a lot, lol. As far as used vehicles, my dream car would be a '71 Dodge Charger painted in raven black; all stock. I would also love to restore my current ride once I get my hands on aanother daily driver. As far as practical vehicles go, I would love to have a compact SUV converted to a diesel motor. That or a diesel K5 Blazer. Relatively economical and capable of using alternative fuels if I so choose. EDIT:
  11. I would say you should just let it be. I had friends in high school whom I was really close with early on, but they distanced from me as time went on. They had nothing against me. They were just growing close with a different circle of friends in the school. Eventually, I landed myself in a different circle, though not entirely. We still were civil, still had lunch together (most of the time), and still friends, but our different interests and personalities sent us in different directions. Sounds like such is the case with you, so I say you should leave it be and always be open to befriending
  12. I have friends who are fraternal twins. The two look nothing alike, and in fact, some people thought one of the girls' friend was the twin instead. The two don't really act much like twins except for the occasional answering of a question in unison, but they are closer (whether or not they admit it) than most sisters that are close in age. There are also two little twin boys at my church. I think they are identical, because unless they tell me their names, I can't tell them apart. I know when they were in the class I help with, their parents would dress them the same and they would switch
  13. I can't wait to see who wins... Voted.
  14. I did mine entirely in GIMP. Here's how I did it: Once you have the perfect image to use... You first create the text and make it the size you want. With the text layer as your active layer and while you are in text edit mode, right-click(I think) and select "text to path". Go to the paths dialog box(if you don't have it, go to Windows>Dockable Dialogs) and right click the path's preview. Select "path to selection". Your text should now be a selection. Go to a visible layer and right-click the layer's preview in the layers dialog box. select "create layer mask..." It wil
  15. Here's my entry: All 3 photos used in the image are by me. I think I got the font from 1001freefonts.com
  16. Nice theme. I love challenges.
  17. 'Grats Rekha! I knew as soon as I saw your entry I knew it would be a winner...
  18. I dreamt that a bunch of people I knew/know from high school got together for a "paintball" war game. Everybody was assigned to a 2-story castle-like building which used a certain color of paint. Mine was blue. There were archers who sit up in the castle and there were footmen, which I was. The game began and I ran out into an area with a lot of obstacles in front of the "castles", which were placed next to each other, but one could not attack the other directly due to positioning. What was strange was the obstacles were bookshelves and the whole event was happening in a library. With paint
  19. Hm, those boas you listed get quite large. As a beginner owner with our ball python, he was a bit of a handful when we first got him. Even though I have some experience now, my 3.5-ft corn snake can still be out of control at times and has attacked me once after living with me for 5 years. Have you looked into Children's pythons? I've heard they are about as easy to own as a ball python, but I've never actually handled one. Info here, here, and here. What's good about these is they stay really small, so if you don't tame it properly, it won't be too dangerous. However, that may be a non
  20. I <3 corn snakes. Linked because some people have extreme phobias of snakes. Otherwise, it's totally appropriate. Everything, including photography is done by myself except for the fonts. The fonts are "Piracy" and "Priory"; both of which I found on 1001freefonts.com EDIT: It's composed of 3 photographs meshed together in various ways.
  21. D'aaw. What a sweet little plushie. It matches the mint in the cave so well. :3 Speaking of plushies... I made an Angry Bird almost a month ago.
  22. Snakes are very clean animals; they tend to get upset when there are feces in or near their living space and avoid drinking dirty water.
  23. YES, I need this so bad. Then I could sort my lineage projects, favorites, etc. and actually find the dragons I'm looking for.
  24. This would be so nice. Many of my dragons are at a ridiculously high generation and some of those are dragons I would breed if I could actually see their whole lineage. I like the page idea especially.