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  1. Actually, THIS is pretty unfair. I didn't get pink, although I do have the black alts. So I can't say I was "privileged" - I'd like to have them both as well. However, it just happened. What's not fair is changing things now, when a lot of users made breeding plans and maybe gave a lot of valuable dragons in exchange for Sweetling Alts IoUs. It really sounds like... "if I can't have this thing, then no one should have it." Huh. I never looked THAT much into someone else's stuff - or felt envious about their luck. I have Sweetling lines from pinks that turned black on my scroll (https://dragcave.net/lineage/N89rW) Maybe I would've wan THEM to stay pink - and they just didn't. And I accepted the fact without starting to making waves because of it. When will we stop trying to make others feel miserable because of our own issues? When will we start focusing on our own luck/situation instead of looking at what others got? When will we grow up? I feel pretty sad and disappointed right now.
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    Hehe, I finally donated! Felt like giving something back for having a chance to catch older holiday dragons. I loved this year Halloween and Christmas events, even if catching some of the eggs has been a challenge :)) I hope TJ will do the same thing with old Valentine dragons! I missed 2 or 3 releases
  3. I start believing this must be a glitch of something. Last time the eggs drop didn't last for three refreshes. I'm not sure it lasted for two, actually.
  4. Was this an intentional phenomenon?
  5. So true, it's testing my patience... I totally understand the need to avoid blocking, but 10 seconds of eggs followed by 2 minutes without seems like too much.
  6. Just curious. Why do the Holidays Eggs only "flow" for 30 seconds or less at a time today? I think yesterday happened as well? It's really, really annoying. Drives me nuts, as I try to catch a Hollie (already have one, caught by share luck last night, trying to catch a second).