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  1. Back in the days, before we were allowed to collect bred Holiday dragons the year after, I always froze one of my CBs to have a hatchling in my collection. This means that for the years 2009-2012, I only have one CB adult. My question is: If I release my old CB hatchlings, will this put my breed limit back to 1/2 for this species, allowing me to pick a new CB from the biome, or will the breed limit remain at 2/2?
  2. How annoying, I forgot about Halloween again this year.
  3. Grateful for the Halloween biome. I missed the event in 2015 for whatever reasons, but now I have a set of CB Desipis dragons. It always annoyed me that I didn't have those in my collection.
  4. I really hope we get an option to switch between new and old lineage views, because I have several lineages that I worked long on that do NOT look at all good in the new view.
  5. Ooh first one grew up, it looks excellent. Good release this time.
  6. Nice! 8 eggs, what will be the significance of that?
  7. alci

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    They look really good. They should also make a pretty thuwed couple with each other.
  8. B e s t s p r i t e e v e r !
  9. Oooooh the eggs are sooooo pretty! Merry christmas to everybody. Thank you to DC team for the best christmas event I can remember, removing the breed limits for the old holidays was the best you could give us.
  10. Yeah, they still drop in massive numbers, even if they are hard to get, so common seems most likely.
  11. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something not working properly with the fortune teller? I click the card, and I see it flip but it still just shows the backside, and then I get the message I can't visit again for another day?
  12. alci

    2013-07-07 - July Release

    One of them should have been frozen as hatchling.
  13. Oh cool, I caught one of your rainbow fails on the AP once, and it inspired me to start my own Rainbow lineage.
  14. While I might use this ability at some point, just because some of my Zombies are lineaged and I might want to try for some "CBs" instead, I'll still rate it as "useless" because it's something I would never miss and could do perfectly with without. I think it's really anticlimatic with some of the very good suggestions there have been for new BSA's, and then all we get is this.
  15. Oh god not again ... how many do we have to go through this time?
  16. I know for fact that the ratios are only checked with a certain time interval between them - TJ has said that directly, because I once asked him whether the ratios were checked each time an dragon was bred, and he said something along the lines of "obviously not, as that would tax the system way too much". But we don't know the actual time interval between these changes. As for things getting into/out of balance, I don't know for fact that what is happening, but for any system that callibrates against a certain ratio, that is how it will go, if the frequency for checking is not adjusted properly towards the growth rate of the system. That this is the explanation of the actual behaviour of the system is speculation from my part. It does fit the observations, however - for instance, it is pretty well documented how breeding behavior of a certain species can change literally from one day to the next (remember the first black/metallic draught last year, when we still had breed numbers back on Silve's). Back then TJ also said directly, that he had changed nothing in the system, and that the system was working perfectly fine, what we saw was just the ratios correcting them self. It seems logical to match these events to updating of the ratios, but obviously we can't know that without confirmation.
  17. No, the ratio problems don't work themselves out - quite on the contrary, the ratio problems get worse and worse as the number of players grows bigger. One source of the problem is that the ratios only update with a certain time interval. We don't know how often they update, but based on indications it might be anything from at each new release to once or twice a month. Now why is this a problem? The problem arises because the ratios, when updating, check on the actual population of each breed against the target population. Let's say the ratios are updated, and we find out Golds are overpopulated. This means from this point, Golds will drop more rarely in cave and be harder to breed, so that next time ratios are updated, hopefully they will correspond closer to the target population. That's all good on paper, but there is a big IF here: Ideally the time it takes for Golds to get back to target level should be about the same as the time between updates - if that is so, next time we run a ratio check, Golds will be on par, and all is find. However, in reality there seems to have become too far between updates - or perhaps there simply passes too many eggs through the cave and are bred too many eggs between the updates, courtesy of increased activity - but the bottom line is the same. Now when we ran our ratio check and found out that Golds were overpopulated, Golds became more rare compared to other dragons. Now, next time we run a ratio check, Golds are not just back on normal, suddenly because so many other eggs have come through the cave, Golds have become massively underpopulated - which in turn will result in Golds becoming relatively very common and breeding en mass. This should bring Golds up to their target level, but again, only if next upgrade comes at the right time. So, now comes third ratio upgrade, and because of the large number of Golds in existance, and hence large number of eggs bred since second ratio check, Golds are now massively overpopulated. This causes a complete stop to Golds, and we enter a draught. No Golds in cave, and no Golds what-so-ever are bred. Now this continues until at some ratio check, things have swung the other way, and we get a new Gold flood, etc. To cut a long story short, as we get more and more players and hence dragons in circulation, ratios need to adjust themselves more and more frequently in order to stay stable - if too long time goes between ratio checks, what we will see is massive fluctuations between on one hand extreme overpopulation (draught) and on the other side severe underpopulation (flood). Compare to how things have been with metallics and tinsels over the last years and compare for yourself. We are in a flood at the moment, btw. The figures below is an attempt to illustrate this. The red line shows the number of the breed compared to the target number. Notice that in first case (frequent ratio checks) things stabilize after the initial overpopulation (but then gradually destabilize), whereas in lower second case (long time between ratio checks) we get wild fluctuations instead. Notice also how red lines become steaper and steaper with time, because more dragons and players in circulation means bigger rate in change of numbers (more people collect more egg in a given time interval). This is an important point, because this means that ratio update intervals might have been enough to keep things stable back in the days, but may not be it any longer - if ratios don't get checked more and more frequently, things will grow unstable with time.
  18. A lot of discussion going on here. I'm just going to ask a question to the quoted point. Perhaps I'm just being stupid, but: I can't understand how what TJ talks about in the quote has anything to do with dynamic ratios (current system) or fixed ratios. Say user A has 100 Gold dragons and user B has 1. If we have ratios, at a certain time, user A will statistically get 100 x more Gold eggs from breeding his Gold dragons than user B will get from his - the system does not lower the chance for user A to get Gold offspring, just because he has many Gold dragons already. The same will be true if we have fixed ratios. The difference as I understand it is that the dynamic ratios will change with time, so that at a cetain point, if Golds are overpopulated, breeding will go into effective zero (draught), whereas at other times, ratios will swing the other way, and breeding Golds will be very likely (we have been on such a high for metallics and tinsels for the last weeks). But on the bottom line, player A gets 100 x as many eggs from his dragons, no matter what system. The only difference is that with dynamic ratios, the eggs will sometimes come many at a time, and other times he will go for months with no eggs, whereas with fixed ratios, the eggs will be evenly distributed over time. Right?
  19. Absolutely *love* the adult! Beautiful! Check the codes of TJ's dragons! I'm about done with my house, it's a bit more scaled down than the rest of those I see posted, but I'm not good at doing the over-the-top decorating style. Not too sure about the chimney decorations, I had a hard time finding something that really fit there.
  20. alci

    2012-11-23 - Black Friday

    Sprites are great, but I don't understand why they drop in Desert when, according to description:
  21. Easy drama-free drop so far, got my 7 in something like 10 seconds.
  22. alci

    Cool Codes

    I bred a Magi tinselfail with somewhat funny code mAajI, if anybody want it, it's free for the taking, otherwise I'll dump it to the AP by tomorrow. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  23. Don't know if anybody can use these eggs, they are two 3rd gen checker metallic-fails: 3rd gen Sunrise from checker Sunrise (female) x Gold (male). 3rd gen Purple from checker Purple (male) x Silver (female).