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My Scroll (abru)AuGUT.gif Flamingo-Army 1320/2000 Adult Flamingos

I promised to breed something for you and you think that I forgot about it?! Please contact me!

I am nearly inactive at the moment! Please be patient, I try to answer PMs as soon as possible.


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    I am inactive here on the forums at the moment, because of my busy RL. Of course I am still working on old breeding lists, but I am not taking requests at the moment.
    I am afraid that I haven't even found time to answer PMs and I am sorry for that.....excuse me!


    Falls ihr deutsch sprecht, dann tut mir bitte einen riesigen Gefallen und schreibt mir auf deutsch. Das hat den unschlagbaren Vorteil, dass ihr nicht in den Genuss meines grottigen Englischs kommt und ich erspare mir die Blamage ;-)



    Please contact me if I have forgotten to breed something I have promised you!


    If you are on one of my breeding lists, please make sure that you can take the egg in time. I will wait 24 hours before I will give the egg to the next person on the list. I hate it when others park eggs they have asked for on my scroll until they are hatchies.
    It is very annoying that I ended up with another adult 3rd gen gold Tinsel because I waited so long for the person to pick it up. If I would have known before I would have given it to someone else. To avoid that in the future I made that 24-hour-rule for bred eggs.


    IOUs to other players:

    Silver x alt Sweetling checker:

    1. nepenthe.catharsis --> transfer-link was given, but hatchi grew up on my scroll. No response since then. ---> active again, trying to get the egg for you as soon as possible!

    3rd gen Gold Tinsel from Aamaranth --> TheThing_Oo (very kind user that retraded me a Sweetling from my beloved Bittersilver line) --> I have had some bad breeding luck and I still wasn't able to breed that shiny for you, but I am not going to give up :-)

    Tinsel from inbred lineage - EscapistLore ---> still no Tinsel

    My Tinsel lists are private (most are gifting lists and I want to surprise the people on them with the eggs)

    Please contact me if I forgot something and I will get you the promised egg as soon as possible.
    Worst thing of all is that I am getting old and forgetful :-(


    THANK YOU to all the amazing people who make DC worth playing. THANK YOU for helping me with my projects!

    Especially I would like to thank the one person here that is my sunshine for all that she has done! Thank you so much for your friendship!!! Marry me, hon?! ;-)