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    Author (Su Halcón) of the GERMAN science fantasy novel CYBER IILUSION (cyborgs, robots, aliens, love, lgbtq) and the science fantasy trilogy CRYSTAL TRANSFER (dragons and other mythical creatures, aliens, romance, space XD) / Available on Amazon (published June 2020 and May 2018) - click my sig or the website link to learn more :)
    Currently wirting my new book, a postapocalyptic scifi novel :)
    Interests: MY SON <3, writing, reading, digital art, drawing, cyberadoptions, BDO, zombies, cyborgs, robots, mutants, weirdos, freaks, movies and tv series. lgtb friendly. no more real pets after my last cat died in february 2017 ;(
    Well, I think sometimes you just cannot avoid them (may it be because a dragon does not cooperate or you joined a list).
    So YES, I'll accept them and also might do them myself if needed ;)

    I LOVE Omen Wyrms. I like deceased lineages^^ And Spriter's Alt's offspring. Should I mention Dorkface, Thuwed, Dorkwed? Short gened rare lineages? 2nd - 3rd gen Shimmer? CB Metals? XD Guess my wishlist is quite comparable to anyone else's LOL.

    (got my Bronze-Red Nebula stair thanks to T. and a Magic Mustika baby thanks to D. and my very first ND thanks to PL., my so far shortest shimmers (4th gen Gold and 3rd gen Bronze) thanks to GG and Zyl. and my 2nd gen Tinsel thanks to Dusty *GLOMPHUGS ALL OF YOU* :D)

    Messy lineages unless I need them for Holiday babies making XD Of races I try to avoid Flamingos and Frogs :p

    I wonder how many more years it will take until I win a prize dragon in the monthly raffle while others already won more than once :( Why can it not be restricted to one win, so more people get a chance??
    Last Update: October 2020