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  1. Ninetails Your very mature and enjoying burying your nose in a book. Your not as social as some of the other pokemon but your just social enough to have a few good friends that your always there for. Your downfall is you would rather pick and read a book over socializing but hey thats your charm. Your the calm and cool type of personality.
  2. I am 98% sure I have not answered this thread before but I have been absent for a while and there is a lot missing from my post history. One of my favorite things to do as a child was search for rollie pollies in the edges of the grass at my daycare. Even at home, I would ask my mom to take me out to the front of the complex to play on the grass and I would look. I even made a box home and kept one in it like Chucky did in the one episode of The Rugrats. I also loved acting stories out with my friends either from movies or when I was in fifth grade my best friend at the time and I would make them up ourselves. We had one in particular about two brown birds who get turned into humans. Max, my best friend had called it 'Afterlife'. I miss him, I never saw him again after I graduated fifth grade, he was in fourth. Another thing I did was play with my stuffed animals a lot. I also liked to write stories and draw, which I STILL like to do.
  3. I have traveled like nowhere. Reno, Nevada Seattle, Washington Santa Fe, New Mexico and Vancouver, Canada(as part of a Seattle trip for a wedding, we didn't see anything). Other than that I have mostly just been within my state, California. I would love to travel more.
  4. I'd love to go out with a boyfriend, but I don't have one. I like hanging with both friends and family though.
  5. I collect movie ticket stubs with a few other tickets mixed in. I used to collect pokemon cards but they stopped selling the good, original ones and they were just clutter in my room so I got rid of them.
  6. I want a man who is sweet, sensitive, passionate, protective, funny and who accepts me for everything I am. Including being understanding of my kind of short temper and tendency to come across the wrong way.
  7. Don't have a desk. I use my laptop on the couch either on my lap or beside me. The only other thing with me here is my season 1 box set of syfy's Being Human. I have quite a few things on the coffee table in front of me though, my DS, a glass from last night, cellphone and my Prilosec(I have been on it for the pas few weeks because I was having some throat and chest symptoms that the doctor said was acid reflex).
  8. I want a dog. Something medium or big like a husky or Germand Shepard. But we live in an apartment where we can't have dogs or cats.