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  1. Having got bored trying to grab missing cave bred eggs from the Valentine's page, I went hunting on the abandoned page.  I soon found two of the CB eggs I've been looking for, numbers three and four took a while longer but I've now got my limit of previous valentines.

  2. Just bred one of each of my valentine's dragons and kept one from each clutch of eggs. Will breed the other five when I have spaces to keep one from each of those clutches of eggs.


    When the two eggs I'd caught a couple of days ago hatch I will see if I can pick any up from AP but, as with the holiday dragons at Christmas time, I consider any I manage to get as a bonus.

  3. My tally of Christmas eggs was two of each from the last five Christmas' bred from my own dragons and one of each of the last five Christmas' picked up from the AP then a couple of the new eggs. Didn't manage to get a holly this time around but maybe I'll have luck next year?

  4. I wasn't holding much hope of catching the new eggs, it took until last week for me to get my first Royal Crimson, but a few minutes ago I caught 3 of today's eggs. smile.gif

    I've incubated and fogged them (will unfog them tomorrow when I get home from work), hopefully I'll have similar luck with the coming days' eggs.

  5. really sad i missed the first day of the year of the dragon release. didnt get any golden wyverns * sad face *

    I've been visiting the alpine area just about every day since they were released trying to catch a golden wyvern without luck. So what did I manage to pick up on the abandoned page today while trying to get the 2011 and 2009 valentine eggs that I missed? Yes I got me a golden wyvern :)

  6. Managed to get all the treats smile.gif

    Failed to get any of the eggs and the last few times I've tried clicking on one I'm getting a database error message. I can't stay up much more now, need to get sleep as in just over 6 hours I need to get up to face Monday morning.